Wiya Chicken Rice and kopitiam

Live long enough in Kota Kinabalu, one would surely come across this chicken rice shop called Wiya Chicken Rice and kopitiam or in short Wiya in Segama complex. Established in 1976, Wiya is famous for its mouth-watering Hainan chicken rice. Not only Wiya’s chicken rice is popular with the locals, but its fame has reached all the way to Hong Kong, where many of the tourists will come looking for this kopitiam to have a taste of its delicious chicken rice.

Wiya Nasi Ayam Dan Kedai Kopi

Hainan Chicken rice is different from other chicken rice because of the process used in preparing the food. Here the chicken is steamed instead of roasted which is the more common method. Guests who want more out of the meal can add in the simple fried bean sprout or the fried green vegetable as side dishes to accompany the Chicken rice. The rice here is flavour by butter too and served in a pyramid shape. Note: the chicken rice is only ready after 10 am daily. Hong Kong style BBQ pork rice are also available.