Kopi Ping Cafe

Set up a kopitaim or cafe with about twenty popular items that KK Lites love to eat, and have some very good local drinks to go with it. Does this formula work for a cafe? Look no further as Kopi Ping Cafe in Damai has just gone ahead with the above idea and in less than six months it has become a success story. It was opened in July 2010. Today the young and old generations find the place very appealing as the food/taste here some how do cater for everyone. Apart from the food, the interior decoration is also very pleasing to the eyes, which makes the customers relax in a chatty mood.

For a simple meal customers can choose from the many hawker-style offerings like Hainamese Chicken Rice, Curry Noodle, Sambal Meehoon and Fried Noodle. Specially single out here is the Prawn Noodle (Har Men) which is quiet good for local standard. During lunch and dinner hours popular local dishes such as Sweet & Sour Prawn, Ginger & Spring Onion Beef, Black Pepper Fish and Chicken Salad are available.

OldTown White Coffee


With urban globalisation happening all over the world, the invasion of Coffee Culture from aboard, notably Starbucks and Coffee Bean and Teas, is unavoidable. The good news is local kopitiams have responded to this threat by rebranding themselves; by creating a new identity with a cool interior setting and combine with well trained and well dressed staffs. OldTown White Coffee is just one of them. OldTown also brings back good memory of yesteryears’ kopitiams of the 50s and 60s, which served hot coffee and toast-bread. And in OldTown the traditional way of making coffee by the Malaysian Chinese is well preserved.