New WK Restaurant (Luyang)

Dim Sum is originally a Cantonese dish. This wonderful food is linked to the traditional Chinese tea house in Canton, where many of the Chinese people come to drink tea or “yam cha”. Today around the world where one finds a large population of Chinese, it is a sure sign that one will find a dim sum restaurant. Kota Kinabalu has a sizable Chinese population and this city has not just one but a few dim sum restaurants to boast about. These restaurants range from the budget type to the more classy type. In Kota Kinabalu dim sum is mainly a breakfast menu where restaurants serve this delicacy from the early morning until noon. It is very hard to find a good dim sum at night time here.

Various Dim Sum at New WK Restaurant (Luyang)

Ba Lin Roof Garden

If there is an award for roof top bar or cafe on Borneo Island, Ba Lin Roof Garden in Sandakan will definitely be high on the list of winners. Located on the eighth floor of Nak hotel, the beautiful Ba Lin Roof Garden is a secret that is dying to go public. The cafe and bar open daily from the late afternoon until midnight. Take a lift from the ground floor of Nak Hotel and head straight up to the seventh floor where the lift would stop. Then one would have to walk up another floor to the eighth floor where a small wooden door awaits. The small wooden door acts like a password, once inside guests will pretty much feel that they are ushered into a fantasy world unlike any other places in Sandakan.

Well designed furnitures, special rooms, pockets of small garden and the rooftop views are surely going to get the guests attention. The Ban Lin Roof Garden is designed in three levels, where each level is placed on top of the other while becoming smaller in size. For drinks, guests are served with cocktail, wine, liquor, whisky and beer. Non-alcoholic drinks like soft drinks, coffee and tea are also available. To fill up the stomach, a simple western menu with items like burger, spaghetti and sandwich will do the trick. But the best things up at Ba Lin Roof Garden are the evening and night views, where guests can marvel at nature and chat the night away.

English Tea House and Restaurant

The 2009 awarding restaurant in Borneo.

Travellers visit Sandakan for many reasons, on top of most people list is a visit to the Sepilok Orangutan rehabilitation Centre, while for the more adventurous one, spending days at the Kinabatangan river in search of wildlife is a must. Apart from these two destinations, Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary and the Turtle island (Selingan) are also getting a lot of attention. For the divers, to scuba dive at the open sea near Langkayan Island will surely classified as a perfect holiday. The above destinations are just some examples on what to do in Sandakan, the list of destinations can go on further. In the mist of all these adventure and sight seeing, one must not miss the chance to spend some time at this delightful and charming English Tea House, located on the western hill of Sandakan town. English Tea House and Restaurant is steep in a colonial grandeur of North Borneo. Perhaps a drink, a meal or a dinner at the English Tea House is the best way to enjoy this fine dinning experience in Sandakan, Borneo.

Sabah Tea Garden

A visit to the only ogranic Tea Garden in Sabah.

One of Sabah most recognized products and always a gem as a souvernir or gift is no doubt the famous Sabah Tea. Mostly wrapped in green package with Mount Kinabalu as its background, Sabah Tea can be bought in tea bags or plain simple tea leaf. Besides as gift Sabah Tea is also served in many of the cafes and restaurants in hotels and resorts around Sabah. A visit to Sabah Tea Garden will give guests a more inside knowledge on how these teas are farmed, haversted and processed.

Coffee Culture from Abroad

Not so long ago, when we, KKlites, want to have a good cup of coffee, we would just visit our good old Kopitiams. Then we have only two choices to make, namely Kopi O, which is a cup of hot coffee or Kopi Ping, which is coffee with ice cubes. Both of these are priced under RM 2.00 to this day. Since last year that situation has changed dramaticly with the invasion of the gournmet coffee companies from abroad. Today we have Starbucks Coffee, Coffee Beans and Teas, and San Francisco Cafe, and I believe more cafes will be opening up soon in other new Shopping Malls. Thanks to these cafes we KKlites have to thinkle a bit when ordering our coffee this day, since we have more choices now, not just Kopi O and Kopi Ping.

Kopi Ping

Popular coffee drink from these cafe joints are Latte, Ice Latte, Mocha Iced Blended, just to name a few. If you need a surprise, go for “Coffee of the day”, and the drinks come with 3 different sizes too.