Sushi Tei

Sushi Tei is an international Japanese restaurant chain, with about 37 outlets in the Asia Pacific region and it is still growing. With an origin from Singapore, many of Sushi Tei restaurants are found in South East Asia cities, like Kuala Lumpur, Jarkarta, Surabaya, Bali and of course Singapore. As an expanding international brand, it can be found as far south to the Australia continent with restaurants in Sydney, and branching out to the opposite direction, the northern hemisphere, it has also established outlets in China most cosmopolitan city, Shanghai.

To the delight of all KK Lites, in January 2011 Sushi Tei has decided to open an outlet at Kota Kinabalu most prestige address, the Suria Sabah which is located on the waterfront. The restaurant is situated on the ground floor towards the end of the Kinabalu Mall. Its interior is modern and unique, and the tables along the glass wall do have a view to die for.

Sushi King

For the last two decades, the population in Kota Kinabalu has experience a tremendous growth, and as well as becoming a more cosmopolitan city. With the increase in population naturally there are more mouths to feed. Many new restaurants with various different cuisines have since mushroom up around the city, and Japanese cuisine is one of them. Sushi King, one of the most popular Japanese Restaurants in Malaysia, has about 50 outlets scattered around the cities in Malaysia. At the moment Kota Kinabalu has two Sushi King outlets, one is located at 1Borneo Hypermall and the other one is at City Mall, both of these are also the newest shopping centre in KK.

Nagasaki Japanese Restaurant


On the busy and buzzing street of Kota Kinabalu financial area, where the power house bankers, like HSBC and Standard Charter Bank, carry out their businesses, lies this cosy Nagasaki Japanese Restaurant. Located at the corner of the old warehouses, this restaurant offers a quiet and cooling sanctuary for lunch and dinner.