Golden Kundasang Highlands

Located about 5km away from Kundasang, Golden Kundasang Highlands is one of the few accommodations built near the Mesilau area. Established in 1992, Golden Kundasang Highlands has been receiving guests from far and near. This nice and clean chalets were built into a hill slope, with a farmland in front. Two types of cabins are available for rental, deluxe (2 units) and standard (8 units).

Celyn Resort

A nice and cosy resort set at a quiet and peaceful hill of Kundasang.

Fancy of getting away for a few days from the busy and some time chaotic life of the city? Celyn Resort Kinabalu, a 3 star establishment, is a perfect hide out for such a need, and it also comes with a great view of Mt. Kinabalu. Many people, even the local Sabahans, do not know about this place, as it is hidden away from the public eyes. About 3 km away from the Kundasang – Ranau main road, and nestled high on a hill which is sandwiched between two valleys, one being Samathan valley and the other one is at the foothill of Mt. Kinabalu, Celyn Resort has a peaceful, serene and natural setting atmosphere. Temperature is around 18° to 20° C during the night time. Guests will get to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the surrounding areas without sacrificing the comfort of the city lifestyle.

Bundu Tuhan Retreat Centre

A peaceful, serene, and large retreat centre at the foothill of Mt. Kinabalu.

At the foothill of Mt. Kinabalu lies a small village called Bundu Tuhan. This special and beautiful name “Bundu Tuhan” came from the local Dusun language means “Valley of God”. Situated at 1,200 meters above sea level, Buhan Tuhan is a valley surrounded by temperate farm lands on the lower part, while the upper part consists of lush green forest running on rolling hills. Cool air and peaceful atmosphere are the main characteristics of Budun Tuhan, which also has a very good view of Mt. Kinabalu, especially in the morning, unless the valley is covered by thick fog which is not unusual at this place. The villagers at Bundu Tuhan are mostly from the Dusun tribe, and most of them work as farmers. History recorded that the British had an outpost with a clinic in Bundu Tuhan as early as 1929. Today this small village consists of a few wooden shop houses, a primary school, a clinic, and of course the very popular Bundu Tuhan Retreat Centre.

Sabah Tea Garden

A visit to the only ogranic Tea Garden in Sabah.

One of Sabah most recognized products and always a gem as a souvernir or gift is no doubt the famous Sabah Tea. Mostly wrapped in green package with Mount Kinabalu as its background, Sabah Tea can be bought in tea bags or plain simple tea leaf. Besides as gift Sabah Tea is also served in many of the cafes and restaurants in hotels and resorts around Sabah. A visit to Sabah Tea Garden will give guests a more inside knowledge on how these teas are farmed, haversted and processed.