Klias Wetland

The Klias Wetland is home to the Proboscis Monkeys which is endemic to Sabah.

A mere two hour drive down south of Kota Kinabalu, will bring one to the Klias Wetland. Located at the south west corner of Sabah, Klias Wetland is surrounded by mangrove forests and is home to a variety of wildlife that thrives in their natural habitat. A one and a half hour cruise along the Klias River will give visitors a chance to encounter with monitor lizards, macaques, otters, crocodiles, water buffulos, and birds. And not forgetting the highlight of the visit, the proboscis monkey. The best time to watch them is in the late afternoon.

Nature Lodge Kinabatangan

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One of the top destinations not to be missed by most people visiting Sabah is the Kinabatangan Floodplain. The Kinabatangan River is especially dear to nature lovers, as this region is teaming with wildlife. Guests here spend plenty of time cruising along the Kinabatangan river in search of exotic animals. As many as 20 operators run their resorts, cabins and lodges either at Sukau or Bilit, these are the two villages along the Kinabatangan river. Tour package prices range from RM 500 plus to a thousand plus on a 3 Day and 2 Night package. For the budget travellers where every cent counts, then Nature Lodge Kinabatangan is a godsend. With a tag like Kinabatangan Safari on a shoestring, Nature Lodge Kinabatangan, at Bilit, has one of the lowest prices on offer. Although cheaper in price, it still provides an excellent service as well as comfortable accommodation.