Mount Kinabalu Climbing Fees

Everyday some 150 persons will take up the challenge to conquer the summit of Kinabalu, the highest Mountain in South East Asia. Even at a height of 4,095 metres, no special climbing skill is needed to complete the task, just an eager heart and a healthy body will do. On average climbers will take two days to complete the journey, and those who make it to the top at Low's Peak will be rewarded with a breath-taking sunrise view. Mount Kinabalu is also a World Heritage Site.

Mount Kinabalu View From Pekan Nabalu

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Diving Quota at Sipadan

Resorts and Lodges that have allocation of permits by Sabah Park to dive at Sipadan Island.A long time ago go diving at Sipadan Island is a straight forward thing. You can dive at the island as long as you feel happy. And as long as you can afford the fee. Today this is not the case any more. Since 2005 when the conservation of the island started, Sabah Park only allows 120 persons, including divers and snorkellers, to visit Sipadan Island on a single day. Permit costs RM 40 per day.

picture courtesy of borneo divers

Kinabalu Park Climbing Fees

Below are the various fees that one may have to pay in order to get the proper permit to climb Mount Kinabalu, and all these fees can be settled at the Kinabalu Park Headquaters administration office just right to the entrance of the park. (Last update 20th October 2008)

Conservation Fee

Non-Malaysian above 18 years RM 15.00
Non-Malaysian 18 years and below RM 10.00
Malaysian above 18 years RM 3.00
Malaysian 18 years and below RM 1.00

climbers heading for the summit

Permit Fee

Non-Malaysian above 18 years RM 100.00
Non-Malaysian 18 years and below RM 40.00
Malaysian above 18 years RM 30.00
Malaysian 18 years and below RM 12.00