Borneo International Marathon

This year Borneo International Marathon, dubbed the beautiful run, is going to be held on 11th October, 2009. Registration starts on 2nd March, 2009, contact the organiser for more information. The Borneo International Marathon is a long-distance running event with an official distance of 42 kilometres that is run as a road race.

International runners are most welcome to join the Borneo International Marathon, after the race, they are welcome to spend sometime in Sabah to enjoy Sabahan warmest hospitality. Local runners who are keen on becoming a marathon runner can take up this opportunity to try out such a race, before venturing into other marathons outside Malaysia.

Besides the Full Marathon Open Category where participants must be 18 years and above, the Borneo International Marathon is also divided into a few other categories. One of the categories is the Veteran Full Marathon for participants age 40 and above. Also in the programme are the Open Half Marathon and Veteran Half Marathon, both categories will need participants to complete a 21 kilometres run. There is also a 10 Kilometres Race for 10 years old and above, as well as a 10 Kilometres Veteran that comes with 2 hours limit time frame. Note: The Full and Half Marathon events are both sanctioned by SAAA under the IAAF Rules.