Tip Top Restaurant & Bar

Tip Top Restaurant and Bar is a good place to sit down and enjoy some good drinks and meals, after visiting the Tip of Borneo. Burger, noodle, rice and a special local dish called Hinava are served here. Beer, juice, soft drinks, coffee and tea are available here too. This restaurant and bar near the beach is operated by an English man called Howard.

Sungai Wang Restaurant

The choice for a good dining experience in Kudat town can be quite limited especially at night, since most of the shoplots would have closed for business by 6 pm and all the petrol stations in town will be closed by 8pm. Night life at Kudat is almost none existent. But if you do happen to end up at Kudat for an overnight trip do not be despaired, the Sungai Wang Seafood Restaurant at the New Tomborungus Township is a worth while restaurant to enjoy some really tasty seafood. The seafood in Kudat is of good quality as fishermen do bring in their daily catch. Sungai Wang Restaurant is also the main place for the Chinese Community to hold events like anniversary, baby shower, birthday and wedding.

Steamed Grouper

The Sungai Wang Restaurant serves mostly Chinese cuisine with seafood as the main selection. Beef, chicken and pork are also available in the menu. Popular prawn dishes like steamed fresh prawn, dry and wet butter prawn, and spicy tiger prawn are favourites among the customers. Live ocean fishes are available too, normally these fishes are the most pricey items on the menu. The cost for seafood here is considered moderate if compared with those in Kota Kinabalu.

Visit Sabah

Sabah is located on the northern part of the Borneo Island, the third largest island in the world. It has a land mass of 73,619 square kilometres, which is just slightly bigger than the Washington state of USA. Two thirds of Sabah shoreline are surrounded by seas and with its long shoreline, it also comes with many tropical islands, as many as one hundred, which range from the habitable big ones to exotic tiny ones.

Last century a prize winning book called “Land Below the Wind” which was written by celebrated American writer Agnes Keith, has created a lot of interest from the Western world to explore this wonderful mysterious land. Today with avid promotion done by the state government in many developed countries and also via words of mouth, Sabah is fast becoming the popular choice for an ultimate tropical vacation.

Kudat Town

A visit to the cozy town of Kudat, a look into its town, its lifestyle, and also its near by destinations.
lo thien chok street

Before the British era in North Borneo (now it is known as Sabah), Kudat was most probably a small fishing village. In 1882 the British North Borneo Company made Kudat town, its administrative capital for North Borneo, but that was short lived, by the year 1884 the North Borneo’s capital had moved to Sandakan. In the early 20th century, Kudat exported large amount of copra coconut, for the production of coconut oil, to the world. Many Chinese from mianland China, especially the Hakka clan sailed across the South China Sea to work in the Kudat plantations. All these are in the past now, today Kudat is just a small administrative town for the Kudat division, which include small town like Kota Marudu, Pitas, Baggi (Island), and of course Kudat town itself. The coconut plantation fortune had died down, and it is mostly replaced by palm oil plantations. To remember this great coconut past, every year in September the Kudat people will come and celebrate the coconut festival in town. Kudat town still has a vibrant fishing community, this is evident by the many fishing boats dock near the Kudat jetty. Tourism is also slowly making an in road as the town has included infrastructures like the Sidek Esplanade, golf courses, hotels, and a 3-star resort.

Bay View Homestay

open hut that looks out to the horizon

Visitors who want to stay at the Tip of Borneo, will be able to do so at the Bay View Homestay. Built beside the cliff near the Tip of Borneo, Bay View Homestay offers an magnificent view on the horizon and the surrounding sea.

Only five Atap roof shelters are available at the moment. Each shelter comes with a double bed and a single bed. Pillows and blankets are also included. A table fan and a fluorescent light are the only electronic equipment at the shelter. A toilet and shower are built outside the main room. A torchlight is provided for the convenience for the guest.

atap roof hut (front view)

Tip of Borneo


A three hours drive through picturesque padi fields and lush green forests toward the north of Kota Kinabalu, will inevitably lead one to the Tip Of Borneo, which is about 40 kilometres from Kudat. Ever since the road to the Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, the local named for Tip of Borneo, was sealed a few years back, and proper facilities like car park, cafeteria, and toilet are in place, this wilderness headland at the northwestern most tip of Borneo island has become a very popular spot for both locals and tourists alike.

From the car park a small clay paver road, dotted with many Rungus’ motifs, leads to the promontory, which is decorated by a truncated globe monument and a flagpole. The truncated globe monument seems like an eye-catching point for many visitors, as many of them are seen happily queuing up to take photos with the shorten globe for remembrance.

truncated globe monument