Poring Water World

Located at the south-eastern corner of Kinabalu National Park, Poring Hot Spring is still within the boundary of Kinabalu park and it attracts thousand and thousand of tourists annually. While the Kinabalu Park Headquarters has cold temperate climate, Poring Hot Spring has a hot and humid climate that is covered by the dipterocarp forests. There are many interesting activities for the day trippers to do here. These activities include the popular canopy walk, or the more adventurous folks, they can go for jungle trekking to the breath-taking Langanan waterfall, which has a 100 foot drop. For nature lovers they can visit the Butterfly Farm and the Orchid Conservation Centre.

But the most important thing to do in the mind of most people while visiting Poring Hot Spring is of course to enjoy a hot bath with the steaming water coming out from the natural hot spring. Over the years the park management has slowly made this area to a small water world park. Visitors can enjoy the covered public bath area or the swimming pool, for free. For those who like more privacy they can choose the private bath houses. For a good swim one can try the bigger multi level pool near the cafe, this slide pool is loved by the children.

The Public Bath Area

Poring Hot Spring

Poring is part of Kinabalu National Park. It is popular destination for the hot springs, canopy walkway and many its many waterfalls. hs-waterhole2.JPG

The Poring Hot Spring story began with this small little water hole, that was first discovered by a British Geologist back in the Colonial time, when Sabah was known as North Borneo. During the Second World War, Poring Hot spring was well visited by the Japanese soldiers, where at their mother land bathing at hot springs is a great past time. Thus the beginning of visitors coming to the Poring Hot Spring.