Utan Paradise Jungle Lodge

This is an ideal place to chill and relax, and also a place to rekindle with the wildlife.

Welcome to Utan Paradise Jungle Lodge, a haven of lush green forest and a great place to spot wildlife. Located 68 km from Kota Kinabalu city centre ( about 1hour and 40 minutes drive), the journey to Utan Paradise Jungle Lodge will treat visitors to scenic sights of traditional village houses, green padi fields, and the never ending rolling hills. This journey also passes through the beautiful lagoon at Lok Kawi camp.

Bay View Homestay

open hut that looks out to the horizon

Visitors who want to stay at the Tip of Borneo, will be able to do so at the Bay View Homestay. Built beside the cliff near the Tip of Borneo, Bay View Homestay offers an magnificent view on the horizon and the surrounding sea.

Only five Atap roof shelters are available at the moment. Each shelter comes with a double bed and a single bed. Pillows and blankets are also included. A table fan and a fluorescent light are the only electronic equipment at the shelter. A toilet and shower are built outside the main room. A torchlight is provided for the convenience for the guest.

atap roof hut (front view)