Sandakan Memorial Park

Open daily: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Entrance fee is free.

The Sandakan Memorial Park commemorates a tragedy and an atrocity that happened during the Second World War (1942 to 1945). Where more than 2,400 prisoners-of-war consisting mainly Australian and British had perished under the brutal handling of the Japanese Imperial Army. After the war a group of committed people together with the Sabah government set up this memorial park to dedicate it to the prisoners-of-war and the soldiers who had served in the British Colonial Forces. Local civilians who had assisted the prisoners in many dangerous circumstances were also remembered here. The Memorial Park is also the place where the infamous death marches to Ranau began in 1945.

The Commemorative Area,Sandakan Memorial Park

The Memorial Park which encompasses an area of 11 hectares is situated on the former site of the Prisoner-Of-War camp. During the war time the Prisoner-Of-War camp was much larger, about four times the present size. Many areas of the prison camp have been developed into housing estates, and today one can see that the Memorial Park is surrounded by residential units.

Sabah Museum

Learn more about Sabah and Kota Kinabalu history at Sabah Museum.

The Sabah Museum Complex is located on a small hill called the Old Place Hill (Bukit Istana Lama), below the foothill lies the Sembulan river and with the Sabah State government administration complex on the other side of the river. The Old Palace Hill has a magnificent look on the surrounding areas with Queen Elizabeth Hospital on one side, while the State Mosque, Sutera Harbour and the South China Sea on the other side. In this area of 43.3 acres of lush green forest, the Sabah Museum Complex consists of the Museum Proper, Science and Education Centre, ethnobotanic garden, zoological garden and the Heritage Village.