Lot 9 Bridge 7

A popular morning eatery at Sim Sim water village, Sandakan which served noodle, seafood and dumpling with prices that are friendly to the pocket.The locals from Sandakan have been coming to Sim Sim water village for breakfast for a few decades now. A few eateries are concentrated at the end of the bridges, number seven […]

Kedai Kopi Chuan Hin


To grill or not to grill? If the answer is to grill, then head on to Chuan Hin Kopitiam for some very delicious grilled food. A variety of meat is made ready for selection, ranging from beef, fish, lamb, prawn, small bird, squid, and stingray. Sambal and balacan are the two main ingredients used to marinate the meat and fish, and they are grilled on top of a banana leaf to give them some added favour. The must have platters are the delicious grilled squid and tasty grilled stingray, both come with a bit of spicy taste.

Foo Phing Dim Sum

foo phing dim sum

Looking for Dim Sum in Kota Kinabalu? Why not try out Foo Phing restaurant for a hearty Dim Sum treat. Head up to Kolam Center on Jalan Lintas which is some 10 minutes drive from Kota Kinabalu City and enjoy some tasty Dim Sum. Foo Phing Dim Sum is a hugely popular breakfast destination for many KK Lites. Since it is located at a suburb, parking are easier to come by and are also boasted with an underground car park. Foo Phing restaurant has an air-conditioned section for those who like a cooler setting, and there is also an open air area for the smokers.

“siew mai” – a mixture of pork and prawn dumpling

There are many types of Dim Sum to choose from at Foo Phing restaurant, “ha kau” is their flagship dim sum, and the usual like “siew mai”, “fu kien”, crab claws, “pai kut”, fish balls, and chicken feet are all waiting to be ordered. Foo Phing restaurant also has many different types of small dishes call “Tian Pin” which literally translated means “sweet stuff”. “Tian Pin” are stuffs like yam cake, egg tarts, fried won-ton with prawns, and others which are great for nibbling.

“jon fon” – fresh prawn in rice flour rolls