New Metro Restaurant


New Metro Restaurant is a great place to have simple Hakka style Chinese cuisine, and it is one of the best restaurants at Donggongon township. Located to the south of Kota Kinabalu, a 20 minutes drive will take one to the township of Donggongon, which is situated next to the Crocker Mountain Range. Travelling by the new highway to Donggongon, a beautiful scenery of padi fields can be seen on the right hand side. The padi field scenery is especially stunning during the harvesting month of March and April. Donggongon town is also home to the local tribe called Kadazandusun.

Kedai Kopi Loi Hin

ngau chap with noodle soup

“Ngau Chap”, which consists of beef ball, briskets and mixed cow parts, is my favourite breakfast. “Ngau Chap” literally translates from Chinese to “cow mixed”. One finds all sort of cow parts in a “Ngau Chap” meal, beef balls, cow intestine, cow tongue, even cow ligament is on offer.

Since I was a young boy, I have heard of this popular “Ngau Chap” kopitiam from Donggongon, Penampang. In the old day one would need to drive through narrow and winding road for about 45 minutes to go from KK to Donggongon, but today with the new highway, travel time has been cut down from 45 minutes to a mere 20 minutes.