Cultural Dance at Mari Mari

Be entertained by the various traditional dances from different ethnics in Sabah at Mari Mari Culture Centre.

Sabah is a true melting pot of Malaysia. Apart from Chinese and Malay, there are as many as 73 different tribes scatter across this beautiful state, also popularly known as Land Below the wind. With different tribes come different sets of belief, culture, lifestyle and especially true in Sabah their dances. These dances are performed with special costumes, musical instruments and weapons. Today these ceremonial dances are mostly performed at opening of function, special occasion, wedding and cultural show. In the old days these dances are more spiritual, some are performed before the battle, and some are victorious dances, as well as dance performed to please their gods. and some of them are even used for telling future events. Below are a few clips taken from Mari Mari Cultural Village, Inanam, which is about 12km away from Kota Kinabalu.