Welcome Seafood Restaurant

A visit to Kota Kinabalu (KK) often end up on a dinner table with seafood delicacies. Since more and more tourists visit Sabah, through words of mouth, many people know that the seafood in KK is not only tasty but very fresh. While most tourists go to high end and mid-range restaurants in and around the city, many KK Lites will go to Welcome Seafood Restaurant in Penampang. Not only the seafood here is delicious, the price here is also very affordable. The cooking style here is definitely Chinese. This restaurant has only about 50 tables, so do book in advance to avoid any disappointment.

Restoran Dowish

Tucked away from the main road, and shielded away from the public eyes, the Grace Point Food Court is one of Kota Kinabalu most trendy eating outlets. Located at Sembulan, which is opposite to the Sutera Harbour Hotels, and just 2 km away from Kota Kinabalu, Grace Point Food Court consists of many hawker style outlets that specialise in one or two local or foreign flavours.
Note: Sadly the Dowish Restaurant at Grace Point Food Court has closed down in November, 2008. The other branch at Penampang is still open.

fried clams with oyster sauce