Kedai Kopi Jeong Hin


Jeong Hin Kopitiam is a great place to have buns and “pau”, especially during tea break. Whether is it because of the British influence from the colonial time, or is it because people nowadays like to have tea. KK Lites are very fond of their tea break. Kopitiams that serve simple food like buns, pau and other nibbling food are very much in demand around 3pm to 5pm.

The Olde Station Kopitiam

coffee and toast bread with butter and kaya

Original coffee from the colonial time, and the ever popular toast bread with butter and kaya, these two items are the most memorial food and drink from the Olde Station Kopitiam. These two are also the must have products here.

the olde station kopitiam

Walk into any Olde Station Kopitiams and immediately one is overwhelm with the strong smell of burn charcoal. The burn charcoals are still used to toast the white bread here.
The Olde Station Kopitiam has already opened 2 outlets in Kota Kinabalu, one in City Mall and another one in Warisan Square. The third Olde Station Kopitiam is scheduled to open in 1Borneo on March 2008.