Kiulu White Water Rafting

Go for an adventurous white water rafting at Kiulu river deep in the forests of Sabah.Kiulu is located at a valley, where most of its inhabitants are farmers. A few rows of small wooden shops, a clinic, a community hall and a big secondary school are the main structures that make up the Kiulu town centre. This area is hardly visited by outsiders until a tar road was completed in the 90s. A journey to Kiulu town will allow someone to get a glimpse of what rural Sabah is all about. Features like suspension bridges, small villages, green padi fields, and hills after hills of tropical rain forests are the common scenery.

Today going for an adventurous white water rafting at the Kiulu River is the main attraction here. The white water rafting ride at Kiulu river is rated with grade one and two, which is great for beginners and groups with small children. This one and a half hours river rafting will bring participants journeying through many of the beautiful scenic views of the Kiulu river.