Magical Christmas

1Borneo Hypermall is celebrating this season year end sale with “Magical Christmas”. The decoration here is the best in Kota Kinabalu.

Once again we have arrived at the end of the calender year, and the year end sale has started to kick in. Every shopping mall in and around Kota Kinabalu is busy doing promotion, and malls have splendid decoration put up to bring in the crowds. Customers also get a special bonus as the whole of Malaysia is celebrating the Saving Sale from the 29th of November to 3rd of January, 2009. Some shopping malls will extend their business hours as the festival draws nearer. 

For the last few months woeful reports of bad business management came one after another, and so many job cuts happen around the world, so much so that the whole world is fearful of the uncertain 2009. But in downtown Kota Kinabalu things are looking good, day by day people from all walks of life are jamming up the streets as they prepare for this year-end celebrations. Although this year people will cut down on their spending, but I believe the spirit of giving is still going to triumph over the fear of recession.

Tune Hotel

Fancy of having a five Star sleeping experience, but only paying for a one star hotel price? If the answer is yes, then Tune Hotel is the place. Savvy travellers who spend the whole day exploring, and only back at their hotel for a clean, comfortable, safe environment, and a decent night sleep will find Tune Hotel very pleasing indeed, and it does not burn a hole in their pockets.

1Borneo Hypermall

In the 21st century shopping lifestyle has become the number one activity for the city dwellers. Buying makes people happy, and it almost works as a distress theraphy. Come weekends and holidays, friends and families will visit shopping malls for a good time, be it hunting for a good bargain, pilling up the groceries, sampling different cuisines, as well as catching up with the latest movies. People will find hundred and one things to do at the mall.