In the last two decades, Kota Kinabalu has experienced a lot of changes, new infrastructures, new roads, and also many new buildings. KK and its suburbs have an increase of population almost 100% since 1970. Today Kota Kinabalu is most likely the biggest city in Borneo Island. 

As the most visited city in Borneo Island, many hotels and shopping centres were built for the comfort of the tourists and visitors. Kota Kinabalu has some of the finest shopping centres and markets in this region. In the city centres there are as many as five shopping malls in various sizes, and a few big shopping malls are located outside the vicinity city. Below is a list of Kota Kinabalu shopping malls.

1Borneo Hypermall

This is the biggest shopping mall in East Malaysia, and the best place in KK to shop for branded and quality clothing. Lot of branded stores like Espirit, Quicksilvers, Adidas, and Nike have there outlets here. There are also plenty of food courts and restaurants for those who love to eat out. This mall has four hotels in it premises, and the biggest cineplex in KK. (more on 1Borneo Hypermall…)

Centre Point Sabah

One of the most popular shopping centre in Kota Kinabalu city, Center Point Sabah is located right at the city centre. It can be divided into three sections, the main shopping area, palm square on the fourth floor, and city parade. Pacific Ngui Kee department store is the main anchor tenant with 4 floors of retailing space.

The Palm Square on the 4th floor is the more trendy section with fashion house like Levis Jeans, Nicole, and Giordano. The popular Starbucks Coffee and Secret Recipe each has an outlet here. The “Popular Book” store occuppied an area of about 2000 square feet is located on the 5th floor. On the 5th floor there is a cineplex, and on the 8th floor there is also a blowing alleys. The City Parade on the ground floor has many small stores from handphone dealers to fashion trendy shops, walk around this section to find out more.

Wisma Merdeka

This shopping complex is made up of two buildings, Phase One and Phase Two, both has 3 storeys of retailing space. Tong Enterprise at Phase One is the main department store at Wisma Merdeka. Tong Enterprise carries host of local branded designs, like GQ, Orlando, Nicole, Bonia, Goldlion, Corcodile just to name a few. Wisma Merdeka is also well known for the many stores that run by local dealers that import many trendy and the lastest design clothing for the ladies. KMC Tailor at Phase Two is one of the finest tailor in Kota Kinabalu. There are also many money chargers at this shopping centre, sure sign of getting a good price on currency trading. Coffee Bean cafe house is located at the corner that facing Capitol Hotel.

Komplex Karamunsing

Dudded as the computers and gadgets heaven of Kota Kinabalu, items from desktop to laptop, as well as printer, scanner, hard disk, pen driver, mouses, mp3, all things digital related can be found in this shopping complex. As many as five big computers companies have there outlets here, each has a retail space ranging from 3,000 sq. ft to 5,000 sq. ft. Acer, HP, Sony, Twinhead, Toshiba, and even Dell computers are on sale in many of these stores.

Electronic appliances from the popular TV to the much needed washing machine, are also plenty to shop for at Komplex Karamunsing. With four big electronic appliances tenants at this complex, ones are really spoiled for choice. SenQ the biggest electronic chain shop in Malaysia is located at the east entrance of the complex, directly oppostie to Gaint hypermarket. (more on Komplex Karamunsing…)

KK Plaza

Located just opposite to the KK central Markets, KK Plaza is a rather small shopping centre compare to the big one. Smaller does not mean lesser, in KK Plaza there are more cell phone shops here than many other shopping malls. Cell phones, phone cards, phone gadgets, phone services, all thing related to cell phones can be found here, no doubt the best place to get a good bargain for the latest cell phones. There are also many stores that sell second hand cell phones, and looking for a good or lucky numbers (cell phone) this is also the place to hunt for one. Servay is the main hypermarket at the basement, and there is a department store called Target on the second floor.

Warisan Square

This is the “orchard road” of Kota Kinabalu if there is one. With the food paradise KK Waterfront on one side and the trendy and cool Warisan Square on the other side, surely this is the most beautiful street in Kota Kinabalu. Warisan Square has the most concentration of branded oulets in the Kota Kinabalu city centre, from cafe to fashion house. No doubt the best place to shop for branded and quality stuffs. Timberland, New Balance, FOS, Espirit, Island Shop, Seed, just some of the branded outlets in Warisan Square. There are Chinese and Western cuisine restaurants located here. The Popular Starbucks Coffee and San Francisco Cafe are also here. (more on Warisan Square…)

City Mall

KK Lites just love City Mall, as it was built away from the city centre and located just a stone throw away from many of Kota Kinabalu suburbs, driving to City Mall won’t take more than 10 minutes (provided when there is no jammed). Giant Hypermarket is the most visited here, and there are many restaurants and cafe located here. Starbucks Coffee, San Francisco Cafe, KFC, Pizza Huts, are the main international chains at City Mall, local kopitiams like OldTown, Olde Station Kopitiam, Sate Mesra, Big Apple Donuts & Coffee, and Poppea Garden Cafe are also very popular with the eating out population. Department Store, Popular Book Store, and many clothing outlets that cater for men and women are located at City Mall. (more on City Mall…)

Kota Kinabalu Central Markets

Tired of modern setting, and may be going back in time where markets used to be before the onslaught of the modern shopping malls, why not pay a visit to the colourful and busy KK central markets. No Starbucks Coffee here, but ones can get traditional coffee powder, and many different spices for cooking. Lots of things to see and buy here, and also don’t miss out the handicraft market, if ones are shopping for some souvenirs. (more on KK Central Markets...)