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Kota Kinabalu Food Guide

For the last few decades eating out in Kota Kinabalu has gone through a tremendous transformation, this is due to its growing population,its big tourist industry, and the different nationalities who have taken up Kota Kinabalu as their second home. From a small beginning of just a few kopitiams during the colonial time, Kota Kinabalu eateries have grown into many fine dinning restaurants, food courts and also many of the multi-national fast food and cafes companies. Here the food and cafe guide are divided into cuisine, cafe and fast food.

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Popular Eateries in Downtown KK
Kota Kinabalu a Seafood Paradise

The cuisine section is divided into various cuisines plus a seafood section:

Seafood :
Seafood is one of the best dinning experience in Kota Kinabalu, as the fish and seafood are very fresh, and many of this fish were still alive just before they are put into wok or steamer. Most of this seafood restaurant Chinese operators so the style of cooking is Chinese. More…

Baba Nyonya:
Baba Nyonya Recipes Curry House

Kota Kinabalu has a sizeble Chinese community and food is always an important social activity for the Chinese. Hence there are so many kopitaims and Chinese restaurants in Kota Kinabalu. Ngau Chap and Pork noodle are two of the most popular hawkers food for the Chinese. And to have a wonderful dinner with friends and families the restaurants can also cook up a good and tasty meal. More…

Krishna’s Fish Head Restaurant

Check out the many Japanese Restaurants in Kota Kinabalu. More…

Kedai Kopi Sofa

BBQ House


Kota Kinabalu has many Western food outlets, from fine dinning restaurants to the budget kopitiams, the choices are plenty. More…

Check out the many of these cafes in Kota Kinabalu, from Starbucks Coffee to home grown local Tenom Coffee, we do have many cafes to cater for all kind of budget. More…

Fast Food:
There are many fast foods in Kota Kinabalu, while KFC has many outlets in and around Kota Kinabalu, McDonald, the fast food king, is not far behind with as many as six outlets. Others like Burger King, Pizza Huts, and Kenny Rogers also have their outlets in Kota Kinabalu.