sabah map courtesy of sabah tourism board

Sabah is situated at the Northern part of Borneo Island, the second largest island in the world, after Greenland. With a total land mass of 76, 115 square kilometres, Sabah is also the second largest state in Malaysia. Two Asean countries share their borders with Sabah, the Philippines Islands is on the North-Eastern, and the Indonesian archipelago on the South. While the South China Sea washes up the entire western shore of Sabah.

Just a few degrees north of the equator, with latitude from N 4° to 7° and longtitude from E 115° to 117°, Sabah has a tropical climate, which means summer all year round. Temperature is around the low of 27° Celsius to high of 33° Celsius. Warm and humid are the main weather features through out the year, only occasionally showers by rainfall. During the monsoon season, between September to January heavy rainfall can be expected in the afternoon.

Wetland, an eco-system comprise of mangroves and swamp, dominated the Sabah coastal landscape, as 2/3 of Sabah border is surrounded by sea. Many small islands are dotted around the coast line of Sabah, which are rich with marine life.

At the central of Sabah heartland is the Crocker Mountain Range, which consists of many rolling hills and plenty of green forests. The Crocker Mountain Range is aslo home to Malaysia highest and second highest mountain, Mt. Kinabalu (4,093 m) and Mt. Trus Madi (2,642 m). The Crocker Mountain range stretches from the north to the south, dividing from the hilly region on the west, and the plain on the east.

The longest river in Sabah is Kinabatangan River, with a length of 560 Km, which runs from the Crocker Mountain Range to its river mouth at the Sulu Sea, east of Sandakan. The Kinabatangan river also supports many wildlife that is unique only to this region. Sustain part of Sabah is still covered with tropical jungles, some of them still remain as the oldest in the world.

On the south eastern part of Sabah, the underwater world is considered to be one of the best in the world. Islands like Sipadan, Mabul, Kapalai, and Mataking are visited by divers and snorkelers all year round. Some of the less known islands like Pom Pom and Siami are waiting to be discovered.

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