Welcome Seafood Restaurant (KK)

Happy Meal At Welcome Seafood Restaurant (KK)

Having a great meal of seafood while visiting Kota Kinabalu is so common now, that the words “Kota Kinabalu” and “seafood” have almost become synonymous. Many tourists who visit this state capital of Sabah will not want to miss a chance for a try out of its various seafood offerings in and around the city. Recently visitors and locals alike have found out a special place called Welcome Seafood Restaurant. This restaurant is well known for its freshness of produce, value for money and very prompt service. Its location at Asia City within the city zone is also a plus point for tourists. From most of the hotels in downtown, this restaurant is within walking distance, if not one can always take a taxi.

Happy Meal At Welcome Seafood Restaurant (KK)

Before the opening of Welcome Seafood Restaurant, the alley on the last row of shops at Asia City used to be dark and quiet at night. At times one would even feel insecure since not many people were around this corner after dusk, parking area was mostly empty even though there were one or two cafeterias around. When Welcome Seafood Restaurant opened its door to the public in late 2010, this alley got a complete make-over. The silence of the past is long gone by now, instead the place is filled with vibrant energy these days. In the early evening many customers are seen lining up at the cascading aquariums making their orders. By late evening the tables would be all filled up and these people seem to have enjoyed a great meal. The car park area is empty no more, these days the place is packed with all types of vehicle. The darkness at night is substituted with colourful and bright lights now.

Tables Along The Walkway

Customers Lining Up For Orders

What to order here? Make your way to the numerous cascading aquariums first and have a good look at the various live sea creatures on offer, then work out with the captains on hand. These captains are good at suggesting many different ways of preparing the various sea produces into wonderful platters. Common sea creatures on these aquariums are lobster, prawn, mantis prawn, crabs, clams and various live fishes.  If money is not a problem, lobster and abalone are truly delicious stuff to have. Steaming of fresh fish and fresh prawn is always recommended. Butter Prawn and Soft Shell Crab are a few must try local style dishes. In-house specialty like Mogolian Pork and Welcome Homemade Tofu are good value for your money. For the more adventurous clients, do give the variety of clams or sea shell a try. Have them steamed or fried, because of the freshness they will simply taste yummy. Local vegetable called “Lahad Datu Sayur Manis” is another must have item. With a steaming bowl of rice and the various seafood dishes offered here, one can really eat your heart out.

Freshly Steamed Prawns

Tasty Steamed Grouper

Spicy Calamari Rings With Sambal Sauce

The expansion of Welcome Seafood Restaurant at Asia City is also a note worthy story to tell. When it commenced business, this restaurant took up just three shoplots. Two of these shoplots were converted into a big air-conditioning dining room and a corner shop was filled with cascading aquariums. In between the air-conditioning rooms and the aquariums corner was a Korea restaurant. A few months later the Korean restaurant was closed down and the same spot was taken over by Welcome Seafood Restaurant. The place became a cashier corner with a few extra tables. Now Welcome Seafood Restaurant has four shoplots in a row. A year later Welcome Seafood Restaurant added another corner lots that comes with air-conditional plus about eight tablets that can sit ten persons each. Fast forward another year, Welcome Seafood Restaurant acquired another corner lot which was subsequently converted into more cascading aquariums and open air style restaurant. Today it has six shoplots in two adjoining blocks. The side walk of these shoplots is line up with many tables too. After a simple calculation, Welcome Seafood Restaurant consists of about one hundred tables which are packed with royal customers every night. Regular customers can see that Welcome Seafood Restaurant is getting more and more prosperous as the days go by.

Welcome Seafood Restaurant At Night

At the time of writing, Welcome Seafood Restaurant is reckoned by many as one of the best seafood restaurants in downtown Kota Kinabalu in term of freshness of sea produces and value for money. This restaurant also caters for birthday party, seminar, wedding dinner, and outdoor functions.

Apart from the Welcome Seafood Restaurant in downtown Kota Kinabalu, it also has a branch in the Penampang area. 
Welcome Seafood Restaurant Penampang

Welcome Seafood Restaurant (KK)

Lot G 13-18, Ground Floor, Komplex Asia City,

Phase 2A, Jalan Asia City,

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

tel: 6088 447 886

mobile: 6016 437 68 68 (Reeve)

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In the gallery below are the photos of the many dishes that this writer and friends have eaten. Do scroll down for a look.

Welcome Seafood Restaurant Gallery:

The Place

Live Red Snapper

Welcome Seafood Restaurant Numerous Cascading Aquariums With Live Fishes Side Walk Tables At Welcome Seafood Restaurant (KK)

Dishes at Welcome Seafood Restaurant (KK)

Local Abalone

Steamed White Clam With Ginger Special Clam With Garlic Steamed Common Clam

Steamed Flower Crab With Egg

The Popular Soft Shell Crab Steamed Common Crabs With Curry Sauce In-house Welcome Homemade Tofu

Steamed Red Fish With Black Sauce

The Budget Talapia (Fresh Water Fish) The Must Have Mogolian Pork Steamed Silver Colour Fish

The Huge Steamed Mantis Prawn

A Local Vegetable, This Dish Is Named The Delicious Butter Prawn Fried Cabbage With Garlic

A Must Try Item. Local Vegetable Called

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