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The Kalampuniam Beach with its long white sandy shoreline, and the Tip of Borneo, are the two most popular sites in the Kudat district, simply because of their geological locations. After witnessing the wonderful landscape where the Kudat peninsular meets head on with the biggest sea of the world, which is the South China Sea on the west and the lesser known Sulu Sea on the east, tourists and locals alike will find that Tip Top is a good place to sit down and enjoy some good drinks and meals. Tip Top, a beach bar and restaurant, is located only about 2 km from the Tip of Borneo and it lies along the pristine Kalampuniam beach, where the shore line is less then ten metres away. Tip Top offers tasty western meal and some simple local food. It is interesting to know that this bar and restaurant is run by an Englishman, called Howard, who has a special interest in this region.

Coconut Drink and the Rivever
For the ultimate drink to quench your thirst, one must try the Rivever which is a specialty at Tip Top. The Rivever is a wonderful in house drink that is concocted from a few fruits like apple, orange, ginger, watermelon and others. Some five types of Rivever drinks are possible to choose from the menu. For something local one must try the green coconut drink here which is unusually large with plenty of fluid. You may want to know that Kudat at one time is the largest producer of coconut oil in the world. The reminisce of this can still be seen in Kudat as coconut trees are seen every where around the Kudat district. Apart from the juicy Rivevers, coconut drink, soft drinks, beers, and wines are also available here.

Hinava and Beef Burger
For food the in house beef burger is a must try. The beef patty which is home made is almost an inch thick, which tastes juicier than Big Mac. The juicy burger is served with French fries and salad. For breakfast one can try the “Full Monty”, an English breakfast meal, which consists of hash brown, eggs, sausages and toast. Hinava a traditional local people food is another must try dish here. Hinava is made from freshly caught fish and it is mixed with fresh lime and onion. Here the hinava is served with toasted butter bread. Local food like fried rice and fried noodle can also be ordered.

Business hours: 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, daily.
Wifi service: Free.

Price Guide:
Beef Burger – RM 14.00
Chicken Curry – RM 9.00
The Fully Monty – RM 8.00
Fried Rice – RM 6.00
Rivever – RM 7.00

If you ever walk on the beach especially those far away from civilization, you are surely going to find many driftwood lying along the beach which have unknown origin. At Tip Top this drift woods are put into good use, by turning them into furnitures. The tables and chairs here are mostly made from driftwood, with the help of local craftsman.

An Englishman Called Howard
In Sabah most of the restaurants are run by locals, but at Tip Top here, it is run by an Englishman, Howard. Some time he will personal take orders, make the drinks and at times even cook your meals too. Talk about English man at your service in Kudat, here is the place to be. He can also offer useful tips on what to expect in this area, where he will point out the many untouched beaches and also the many good areas where you can go snorkelling. If cycling is your cup of tea he can introduce you to a few bike trails just round the corner. When he is not too busy running things at the restaurant, he does have many tales of the many places he had been to share with you.

Jungle camp
Howard also runs a rest house called Tampat Do Aman Jungle Camp. The jungle camp is about ten minutes from the restaurant. A total of 12 rooms are available. These rooms are in a long house format, where guests can experience the way of life of the Rungus, a native people of this region. Everything here is very eco-friendly. From the living area to the toilet, green is the centre of the theme.

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How to go there?
The Tip of Borneo is about 200 km away from Kota Kinabalu at the district of Kudat. Take the A1 road that is north bound from KK, and the journey is about 3 hours. Travellers will pass by small towns like Kota Belud and Tuaran. On the way there are many signboards to help guide the driver to the destination. Tip Top restaurant is just about 2km before the Tip of Borneo. For independent travellers, one can take a bus to Kudat from Kota Kinabalu. After arriving at Kudat take a mini bus or taxi to the Tip Top restaurant and bar.

Tip Top Restaurant and Bar
Kudat, Sabah, Malaysia.
tel:  +6013 880 83 95 (Howard Stanton)

Tampat Do Aman (Jungle Camp)
email: tampatdoaman@gmail.com
website: www.tampatdoaman.com

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Interior and Outdoor

The Kalampuniam Beach

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