Mount Kinabalu Climbing Fees

Mount Kinabalu View From Pekan Nabalu

Everyday some 150 persons will take up the challenge to conquer the summit of Kinabalu, the highest Mountain in South East Asia. Even at a height of 4,095 metres, no special climbing skill is needed to complete the task, just an eager heart and a healthy body will do. On average climbers will take two days to complete the journey, and those who make it to the top at Low's Peak will be rewarded with a breath-taking sunrise view. Mount Kinabalu is also a World Heritage Site.

Mount Kinabalu View From Pekan Nabalu


Below are the climbing fee for permit, guide and porter effecting from September, 2011. To compare with previous pricing here is the link, Mount Kinabalu Climbing Fee 2008. For accommodation at Kinabalu Park click on Sutera Sanctuary Lodges.

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Entrance Fee

Age Group Malaysian Non-Malaysian
Adult RM 3.00 RM 15.00
Below 18 Years RM 1.00 RM 10.00


Climbing Permit

Age Group Malaysian Non-Malaysian
Adult RM 30.00 RM 100.00
Below 18 Years RM 12.00 RM 40.00


Mountain Guide Fee

Total Climbers Timpohon/ Peak/ Timphohon Timpohon/ Peak/ Mesilau Mesilau/ Peak/ Mesilau
1 – 3 Climbers RM 128.00 return trip RM 143.00 return trip RM 150.00 return trip
4 – 6 Climbers RM 150.00 return trip RM 173.00 return trip RM 180.00 return trip


Insurance RM 7.00 per person

Porter Fee (Optional)

  Timpohon / Timpohon Mesilau / Timpohon Mesilau / Mesilau
To Laban Rata RM 80.00 / trip (10 kg) RM 90.00 / trip (10 kg) RM 102.00 / trip (10 kg)
To Sayat-Sayat RM 94.00 / trip (10 kg) RM 100.00 / trip (10 kg) RM 114.00 / trip (10 kg)
To Summit RM 102.00 / trip (10 kg) RM 114.00 / trip (10 kg) RM 124.00 / trip (10 kg)


Transportation (Optional)
Via Timpohon Gate
1 – 4 persons (1 Mt. Guide)- RM 16.50 per way
5 persons and above (1 Mt. Guide)- RM 4 per person
Via Mesilau Trail
1 – 6 persons (1 Mt. Guide)- RM 85.00 per way
7 persons and above (1 Mt. Guide)- RM 15.00 per person

Certificate (Optional)
Summit RM 10.00
Laban Rata RM 1.00
Summit (via Mesilau Trail) RM 2.00

All fees are to be paid in cash upon arrival at Kinabalu National Park.

Extension of Stay
If you plan to stay longer then the usual one night stay at either Laban Rata Resthouse, Gunting Lagadan Hut, Waras Hut or Panar Laban Hut, kindly note that an additional 50% from the published Guide and/or Porter Fee will be charged for every additional night. In accordance with Sabah Parks Rules & Regulations, all climbers must be accompanied by a mountain guide at all times while ascending and descending from Mount Kinabalu.

Things To Bring:
– Suitable walking shoes, warm clothing, wind breaker, long sleeve shirts and – change of clothes
– Drinking water, high energy food (chocolates, nuts, raisins, glucose)
– Headache tablets, sun block, lip gloss, deep heat lotion, plasters, insects repellent
– Binoculars, camera, water proof bag for camera, torchlight
– Extra socks, towel, gloves, hat mask, tissue paper, toilet roll

Special Note:
It is recommended that all climbers should have themselves medically checked before attempting any mountain climb. If you have a history of suffering from the following ailments, it is highly recommended that you should refrain from climbing: Hypertension, Diabetes, Palpitation, Arthritis, Heart Disease, Severe Anemia, Peptic Ulcers, Epileptic Fits, Obesity (Overweight), Chronic Asthma, Muscular Cramps, Hepatitis (Jaundice); or any other disease which may hamper the climber.

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