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Flame Grilled Beef T-Bone

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Chub's Grill is a modern and swanky restaurant that serves delicious western food on a huge platter. A steak house it is not. Hence one will not find special sauces here. That means BBQ sauce, black pepper mint sauce or mushroom sauce are a no go at this place. To get that special taste, the meats are well marinated with special imported ingredients and spices, then these meats are nicely grilled until the juices inside the meat started to flow. Next the meats are served with a few side dishes which include buttered corn, garlic toast, and freshest garden salad. On top of these clients will get to make a choice, whether they prefer French fry or canju red bean rice to go with the rest of the food. First timers at Chub's Grill are often, if not always, surprised by the big basket platter that comes will all the food, which eventually brings a big smile on their face.

Flame Grilled Beef T-Bone

The Chub's Grill Interior

When Chub's Grill opened in February 2011, it only had four types of meat: namely, beef, chicken, lamb and pork. Today one will find more varieties for the platters, calamari (grilled squid), duck , prawn and salmon have been added to the previous four. Some of these platters are extra juicy, especially the pork ribs. At Chub's Grill clients are encouraged to use their hands to savour these tasty food. One can use his or her fingers to pick out that hard to reach part of the meat, if fork and knife were to be used. While some adults will hesitate, kids won't mind to lick into those extra oily juice from their fingers which will definitely bring new meaning to the phrase finger licking good.

Flame Grilled Pork Belly

Flame Grilled Lamb Shoulder

Flame Grilled Whole Calamari

For those who prefer a more simple meal, Bolognese spaghetti with chicken and spaghetti carbonara with chicken are made available by the the chefs at Chub's Grill. The spaghetti carbonara with chicken is real value for your money, because apart from the big portion of spaghetti carbonara one will get an extra salad in a small bowl, and a piece of garlic toast. For a more meaty experience, flame grilled pork meat balls, flame grilled lamb in cream pie, and flame grilled pork belly salad can also be ordered. On beverage, soft drinks are a big favourite among the clients. Like many of the fast food restaurants, soft drinks can also be refilled at Chub's Grill at no extra cost. Apart from soft-drinks, milo (local favourite), tea, coffee, fruit juice and a wide range of pop drinks are available.

Spaghetti with Flame Grilled Chicken Alla Carbonara

Price Guide:
Spaghetti carbonara – RM 12.00
Chicken CHips – RM 18.00
Pork Ribs Set – RM 21.00
Calamari Chips – RM 28.00
Beef T-Bone Set – RM 48.00
Drinks – Start from RM 4.00

Opening hours: 11:30 am to 11:00pm Daily.

Flame Grilled Pork Ribs

The interior of the place is nicely decorated with minimum colours. It also brings in a cozy atmosphere. The walls are filled with extra big food pictures, which make one's saliva flowing just by looking at these pictures. No air-conditioner but with the help of a handful of fans the place is pleasant and airy enough. Twenty rectangular tables with four chairs each are available. On public holidays and weekends one is adviced to come early as these tables and chairs can be filled up quickly. Toilets here are extra clean, and have well written words of advice for both men and women. This is a smoke free restaurant. For consideration perhaps smokers can sit on the four tables that are located at the side walk, so that non-smokers can have a better atmosphere inside.

Peach and Pink Guava Pop Drinks

The awards
In July 2011, Kota Kinabalu hosted its first "Food Fest" competition, where some twenty well known restaurants and cafes including a few big names from Kota Kinabalu top hotels took part. Five awards were up for grab. Winners were determined through an online voting system by the public. When the winners were announced on the award presentation night, Chub's Chill was the proud winner of four awards, namely: Most Creative Festival Menu, Best Value For Money, Best Dining Environment and Best Restaurant Overall. In the short time that Chub's Grill has been in business, this restaurant has gained the confidence and votes from KKlites, for the simple grilled foods that are so delicious.

Food Festival Competition Awards

How to go there? Located at the prestigious address of Karamunsing Capitol, just next to Karamunsing Complex, Chub's Grill is just a kilometre away from the City Centre. Public transports like taxi and buses will come here. For those that drive from downtown centre or from the airport areas just turn into Tuaran Road, after the junction that leads to Karamunsing Complex, turn into the small road beside the SEB Building, you will reach the entrance to the Karamunsing Capitol. If you come from the Luyang and Damai areas just use the Kolam road flyover and drive down to Nenas road. The Karamunsing Capital entrance is on the left after the RTM hill. Chub's Grill is located on the corner of block B. Do note that there are plenty of parking areas on the top floor of the building. Parking is free after 8:00 pm.

The Chub's Grill
B-0-7 Ground Floor, Block B,
Karamunsing Capital,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

tel/fax: +6088 448 728

The Chub's Grill Photo Gallery:

The Chub's Grill at the Corner of Block B, Capitol Karamunsing

A Very Neat Restaurant Dinner Hours at The Chub's Grill Comfortable and Cozy Atmosphere

Flame Grilled Quarter Chicken

Garden Salad (Side Dish) Cutleries in a Basket Mushroom Soup with Toast

A Well Planned Menu by The Chub's Grill

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