Gunung Alab Resort

Gunnug Alab Resort

Kinabalu Park and Kundasang would be in most people radar when thinking of spending a cold and relaxing time away from the low land city and towns in Sabah. Although less well known, an alternative destination for a cold weather get away is located at the Crocker Range. Geologically the Kinabalu Park area is still part of the Crocker Range which extends all the way down south to the border of Sarawak. Situated at 1,662 metres (5,453 feet) above sea level, Gunung Alab Resort is the only accommodation one will find at this altitude in the Crocker Range. Even though it is called a resort, Gunung Alab facilities look more like a motel. The rental here is also leaning towards the budget side. The rooms are basic and clean, but are sufficient to provide guests a comfortable over-night stay. When night falls the temperature can drop to 18C or 20C. At times this place feels colder than Kundasang, may be it is because there are more trees in this area, where most of the forests are still intact. In the late afternoon it is not uncommon for the area to be shrouded by a thick layer of mist.

Gunnug Alab Resort

Gunung Alab Resort is a two storey building. The ground floor has a restaurant and a small grocery shop. The rooms, nine units altogether, are on the first floor. The name of the room goes by the alphabets from A to I. Room A, G and H are very spacious. These rooms have a small sitting area. The smaller rooms are good for couples. All rooms have an attached washroom, but hot showers are not available. Instead a kettle is provided for each room, so that guests can boil some hot water for bath if necessary. Rooms that are facing the valley do have a very good view. During a cloudless day one can see the rain forests that extend all the way to the foothills, eventually reaching the small town Papar and the South China Sea. A cafeteria on the ground floor operates from 7am to 9:30pm and only local simple foods are available.

Queen Bed Room

Reception Counter

The power grid does not reach here, so electricity comes from a generator, which runs from 6:30 pm to 12:00 am, daily. One would have to rely on candles or solar power lamps for lighting after mid-night.

Room Rates:
Room A, G, H – RM 100.00
Room B – RM 70.00
Room C, D, E, F, I – RM 50.00

Nearby interesting destinations to visit:
Kipandi Butterfly Farm
Rafflesia Centre Crocker Range (6 KM away)
Tambunan Town
Mahua Waterfall

The Cafeteria (Gunnug Alab Resort)

How to go there? From Kota Kinabalu travel to Dongongon town, either through Jalan Penampang or the Penampang by-pass. From Dongongon Town take the Penampang-Tambunan Road (SA3) that leads to the Crocker Range. After passing many villages, rolling hills, and scenic forests and when the road reaches the highest point near Gunung Alab, before the road starts to go down hill towards Tambunan town, one would have arrived at the Gunung Alab Resort. This journey normally takes about two hours starting from Kota Kinabalu.

Gunung Alab Resort
KM 55, Tambunan Road,
Tambunan, Sabah, Malaysia.
mobile: +6019 870 01 62

View From Gunnug Alab Resort

Gunung Alab Resort Photo Gallery:

 Spacious Room A with Twin Beds

Sitting Area at Room A

Washroom (Room A) Washroom (Queen Bed RoomC) Shelf in Queen Bed Room

Lobby on the First Floor (Gunung Alab Resort)

Cafeteria At Night

Gunung Alab Resort

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