New WK Restaurant (Luyang)

Various Dim Sum at New WK Restaurant (Luyang)

Dim Sum is originally a Cantonese dish. This wonderful food is linked to the traditional Chinese tea house in Canton, where many of the Chinese people come to drink tea or “yam cha”. Today around the world where one finds a large population of Chinese, it is a sure sign that one will find a dim sum restaurant. Kota Kinabalu has a sizable Chinese population and this city has not just one but a few dim sum restaurants to boast about. These restaurants range from the budget type to the more classy type. In Kota Kinabalu dim sum is mainly a breakfast menu where restaurants serve this delicacy from the early morning until noon. It is very hard to find a good dim sum at night time here.

Various Dim Sum at New WK Restaurant (Luyang)

The newly opened WK Restaurant at Luyang belongs to the more exclusive type of restaurants and it is often frequented by the upper middle class. WK Restaurant serves dim sum in the morning and fine Chinese cuisine at night. If one fancies to have the delicious dim sum at dinner, he or she can put in a special order with the management before hand. This restaurant would be packed on weekends and public holidays even thought it has two floors of dining areas. In the late morning some guests would have to be put on waiting list. Customers are advised to car poll since parking is limited too. On the week days the place has a more relax atmosphere, where ones can sit down and enjoy a few cups of the wonderful Chinese tea.

New WK Restaurant (Luyang) Interior

WK Restaurant serves a wide range of dim sum from the hot and steamy types to the deep fried ones. Some 35 different types of dim sum are served here. High on the customers’ wanted list are Siew Mai and Har Gau. Siew Mai has a mixture of pork and prawn stuffing, while Har Gau is mainly prawn stuffing. Apart from these two, Abalone dumpling, Bamboo skin roll, Char Siew Bao, deep fried yam dumpling, fish balls, spicy chicken claw, steamed beef stomach, beef balls and steamed pork ribs are also served. For Jon Fun or steamed rice flour roll, one can choose from char siew (pork) or prawn filling. Fried noodle is also available. Dim Sum price here starts from RM 4.00.

Tai Chi Kau

Siew Mai

Stuffed Mushroom

*More dim sum photos are shown at the gallery below.

The interior of the restaurant looks very much like most Chinese restaurants, where lanterns and Chinese style wooden craving are used as decorations. As red is the happy colour for Chinese, the table cloths here are all red. Good quality chairs with cushion are chosen for the comfort of the customers. The restaurant is also fully air-conditioned, which gives a pleasantry atmosphere in this fairly hot climate country. This restaurant is quite big and its two floors have a combined area of five thousand square feet. The ground floor consists of 30 tables large and small. The place has a capacity for roughly two hundred persons. Private functions like baby shower party, wedding, company annual dinner, and anniversary can also be arranged to take place here.

Chinese Tea Serves in Quality Teapot

Families and friends will find this restaurant a great place for dim sum breakfast. The crowd is the testimony of the popularity of the place. WK Restaurant has another branch at the WK commercial centre at Bundusan, Penampang.

Business hours:
Breakfast ~ 7:30 am to 2:00 pm
Dinner ~ 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

How to go there? WK Restaurant in Luyang is only about three kilometres from the Kota Kinabalu. To drive here take the Tunku Abdul Rahman road from downtown KK and travel south. Before reaching the Karamunsing flyover turn left to the Nenas road. Drive straight on. On reaching the Nenas roundabout up on a small hill turn right and use the flyover to drive into Kolam road. After passing two Petronas gas stations, you will find WK Restaurant on your left hand side. One can also take a bus or taxi from downtown KK to come here.

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New WK Restaurant (Luyang ) Signboard

New WK Restaurant (Luyang)
Lot 4, 5 & 6, Wisma HCS,
Jalan Kolam, Luyang,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
tel: +6088 217 278
mobile: +6016 710 17 28
fax: +6088 217 279

New WK Restaurant Photo Gallery:

Steamed Rice Flour Roll

Golden Scallop Dumpling Beef Balls Bamboo Skin Roll with Herb SauceSuperior Soup with Minced Prawn Dumpling

Har Gau Bean Skin Roll Steamed

Deep Fried Yum Dumpling

Deep Fried Prawn Dumpling

Mini Egg Tarts Sauces Steamed Pork RibsBusy Crowd on Weekend

Customers on Waiting List

 The Front Entrance of New WK Restaurant (Luyang )

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