Balsam Buffet Restaurant

The Balsam Buffet Restaurant

The Balsam Buffet Restaurant was built in the early 1970s. This beautiful rock structure building and restaurant has been visited by many travellers to the Kinabalu Park, as for many years it is the only eatery in the Kinabalu Park Headquarters. Located about 40 feet below the administration office, the restaurant lies at a forest area which has a perfect view of the mountain under a clear sky. Many of the older folks will remember this restaurant with a kopitiam setting and had a very cozy fire place surrounded by sofas. Visitors often hanged around at the fire place for comfort at night, when temperature was much colder in the 70s, when there were plenty of trees around. After the taking over by Sutera Harbour Management group, around 2000, this place has been transformed into a high class restaurant. Today the interior of the building receives a much better detail in design and setting.

The Balsam Buffet Restaurant

The Balsam restaurant only serves buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The buffer menu is mainly continental and local food. A-la-carte order is not available here. The best seats of the restaurant are those allocated at the balcony where guests will find themselves very close to nature. In the morning guests can have a very good view of mount Kinabalu from these balcony seats, and at night this area can be very cold especially during the months of December and January. Another nice feature during the day time is that the interior of the building is with added brightness from a few high ceiling windows where the sunlight can peep in. After a tough day climbing down from the summit, this is a good place to relax and refuel the body with new energy.

The Balcony at Balsam Buffet Restaurant

Buffet Time Price
Breakfast 6:30 am to 11:00 am RM 45.40 Nett
Lunch 12:00 pm to 4:30 pm RM 50.50 Nett
Dinner 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm RM 60.60 Nett

Buns and Burgers

Foods Are Kept Warm In Pots

Vegetables for Salads

The Buffet Tables

How to go there? Take the Kota Kinabalu – Ranau road via Tuaran road, and at KM 91 one will reach the entrance to the Kinabalu Park Headquaters. After paying the entrance fee at the Administration office, the Balsam Buffer Restaurant is located about 70 metres away, through a stairway next to the parking area. Daily bus to the Kinabalu Park is available at the Inanam Bus Terminal. Budget taxi which only leaves with a full passenger load can be located near the Padang Terminal in downtown KK.

A High Ceiling Building The Forest View From The Balcony

Balsam Buffet Restaurant
Kinabalu National Park, Sabah, Malaysia.

Sutera Sanctuary Lodges
Central Adminstrative Office,
Lot G15, Ground Floor, Wisma Sabah,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
tel: 6088 303 900
fax: 6088 259 552

The Balsam Buffet Restaurant Picture Gallery:

The Interior of the Restaurant

Interior Tables at Balsam Buffet Restaurant

More Balcony Seats

Plenty of Foods at the Buffet Tables

Nice Garden Table

Stairway Down To Balsam Buffet Restaurant

Balsam Buffet Restaurant

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