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Borneo Express Bus

Located at the City Park Terminal in the heart of Kota Kinabalu (KK), Borneo Express is a transportation company that provides bus services to the towns and cities south of Kota Kinabalu. The Borneo Express buses or coaches are of modern fleet, which have comfortable seats, air-conditions, and attached toilets. For entertainment on a long journey a movie is often shown. One of its main destinations is Menumbok on the Klias Peninsular, which will take about two and half hours from KK. The main reason travellers come to Menumbok is to take the ferry to Labaun Island. On selected days Borneo Express also has bus services to Lawas, Limbang and Miri in Sarawak. To Bandar Seri Begawan in Brunei the passengers will have to disembark at Kuala Lurah and take another bus from here.

Borneo Express Bus

Everyday there are three bus services from KK to Menumbok and vice-versa. A bus ticket from KK to Menumbok will cost RM 14.00. After getting off at Menumbok, passengers will have to walk a short distance to the Menumbok Jetty Terminal, and from here they can either catch an express boat or the ferry to Labuan island. The journey to Labuan by the express boat is about half an hour. If one takes the ferry it will take about two hours but the price would be much cheaper.

Borneo Express Bus Interior

Passengers who wish to go to Kuala Penyu can also take the KK-Menumbok bus, but this bus will not go directly to Kuala Penyu. The bus will drop the passengers at the roundabout to Kuala Penyu, and from here they will have to take a mini-bus. Kuala Penyu jetty is the main place to hire boat services to Pulau Tiga National Park.

Bus Schedules
From Kota Kinabalu to Menumbok:
6:45 am, 10:00 am, and 12:30 pm

From Menumbok to Kota Kinabalu:
10:00 am, 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm

Price Guide:
Bus ticket is RM 14 one way.
Speed Boat to Labuan about RM 12.
Ferry to Labuan (passenger only) is RM 5.
Mini-bus to Kuala Penyu from the roundabout is RM 5 or lower.

Speed Boats From Menumbok Jetty to Labuan Island

Ferry From Menumbok Jetty Terminal to Labuan Island

Borneo Express also provides bus services to Lawas, Limbang, Kuala Lurah (Brunei) and Miri on selected days. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday there is a bus service in the early morning from KK to Miri. This bus will pass by Lawas, Limbang, Kuala Lurah before reaching Miri, this journey might take about ten hours. Passengers intend to go to Bandar Seri Begawan will have to disembark at Kuala Lurah, a border town. Then they will have to catch a bus from here to the capital of Brunei. Passport is a must for this crossing from Sabah to Sarawak and Brunei. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday there will be a return bus service from Miri.

For Lawas and Limbang there are extra bus services provided by Borneo Express. On Every Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thurday at 11 am, a bus will leave from KK to Lawas and Limbang. And on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday,and Friday there is a return bus service from Limbang. It is always wise to book in advance, especially during holiday seasons.

Bus Schedules:
From Kota Kinabalu to Lawas, Limbang, Kuala Lurah (Brunei), and Miri:
7:45 am (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

From Miri to Kuala Lurah (Brunei), Limbang, Lawas and Kota Kinabalu:
8:15 am (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday)

From Kota Kinabalu to Lawas and Limbang:
10:00 am (Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday)

From Limbang to Kota Kinabalu
9:00 am (Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Borneo Express Coach

Journey Distance Time Price
KK – Lawas 184 km 4 hours RM 40
KK – Limbang 230 km 6 hours RM 50
KK – Kuala Lurah 222 km 8 hours RM 60
KK – Miri 402 km 10 hours RM 90

Borneo Express Counter at City Park Terminal

How to go there? The Borneo Express counter at City Park Terminal is easily reached by foot from any part of KK. Look for Beach Street and walk towards the City Court Building. The bus station is here.

Borneo Express Counters:

Kota Kinabalu
mobile: +6012 830 7722 / +6013 893 88 11

mobile: +6012 832 7722

mobile: +6012 832 7722 / +6019 893 88 11

Borneo Express
Lot 13-3 (F) Beverly Hills Plaza,
Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia.
tel: +6088 722 399
fax: +6088 723 187

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