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Seafood Dishes at Twinsky

For the last few decades Kota Kinabalu or KK in short has gradually developed into a seafood destination. With the high numbers of seafood restaurants in the city and suburbs, Kota Kinabalu is surely the best place for seafood on Borneo Island. While in town most tourists would take this opportunity to dine at a few seafood restaurants. Kampung Seri Selera, which is located right in the city and within walking distance from most parts of KK, is a convenient place for tourists and locals to enjoy a good seafood dinner. As many as four seafood restaurants are found here, so customers can expect to have some good bargain as well as a wide variety of seafood to choose from. Situated at a corner lot Suang Tain Seafood Restaurant which is also popularly known as Twinsky has been in business at the same location for almost three decades now. Here customers can choose from a large variety of sea produces which are kept at the rows of aquariums.

Seafood Dishes at Twinsky

Live fishes like banded grouper, spotted snapper, and more are ready to be cooked once the customers have chosen the right one. Prawns from the common size to the larger tiger prawns are also available. Crabs, cuttlefish, mussel, and a few types of clams are also good choices for some mouth-watering dishes. Although a bit pricy the lobsters are very much sought after too. At Twinsky the main cooking style is mainly Chinese, and the waiters can give many suggestions on how to prepare the dishes. Some of the popular Chinese flavours are Kim Hiong (Hong Kong style), sweet & sour, and black sauce & chili. Deep fried and steaming are some of the chef favour cooking method. Steamed fish, butter prawn, sweet & sour crabs, deep fried clam with spring onions, and cuttlefish with black sauce are some of the well-known dishes.

In generals, prices of seafood in restaurants at the out-skirt of KK are cheaper than those in the city. Due to the higher rental cost, the city seafood restaurants have a price range from moderate to luxury.  Food at Twinsky can be considered as moderate in price, and better still, there are no additional charges like government and service tax. Customers can settle their bills now with a smile. Sometime customers are served with a local fruits dish free of charge.

Price Guide:
Steamed Black and Red Spotted Grouper (0.7 kg) – RM 49.00
Fried Clam with Spring Onion – RM 25
Wet Butter Prawn (0.3 kg) – RM 18
Vegetable Dish – RM 15
One Bowl of Rice – RM 1

Steamed Banded Grouper

Wet Butter Prawn

Fried Clam with Spring Onion

Vegetable Dish

Local Fruits Dish

At Twinsky customers can choose to sit in the open air section or the air conditional room. From about 8pm to 9pm customers sitting at the open air will be entertained by a group of local cultural dancers. This free culture performances will include a few local tribal ceremonial dances. About 10 years ago Kampung Sri Selera is quite a run down place especially during rainy days. The floor is wet and dirty, some parts of the canopy can be licking, and the place was also not well-lit. After a serious renovation today the place is clean and pleasant, and customers can enjoy the atmosphere too. Foods are served in a faster manner also, as small tables with wheels are seen delivering many dishes to the customer table at one time.

Business Hours: 3:00pm to 1:30am

Open Air Section at Twinsky

How to go there? Sedco complex is located near Kampung Air which is on the southern part of the city. Or one can look for the Centre Point Shopping mall and walk about 100 metres towards Kg. Air. At night Kampung Sri Selera can be easily spotted as the place is very bright. Suang Tain Seafood Restaurant or Twinsky is located at one of the corners.

Suang Tain Seafood Restaurant
No. 12 Ground Floor, Block A,
Sedco Complex, Kampung Air,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
tel: +6088 223 080
fax: +6088 259 673

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Suang Tain Seafood Restaurant Gallery:

Air-conditional Room at Twinsky

Black & Red Spotted Grouper

The Cascading Aquariums at Twinsky

White Clam Soup

More Dishes at Twinsky

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