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Beef Noodle With Soup

Beef noodle or “Ngau Chap” as it is popular known by KK Lites, is a popular hawker food for breakfast and lunch in West Coast Sabah. While most of the famous beef noodle kopitiams lie in the suburbs of Kota Kinabalu, Mee & Cake House’s beef noodle stall is located right in city. Situated at the sixth floor of Wisma Merdeka, the first shopping centre in the city, customers can enjoy their tasty beef noodle inside the comfort of an air-conditional surrounding.

Beef Noodle With Soup

What make beef noodle special are the way ingredients like beef, meat balls and other cow internal organs are cooked and prepared. At Mee & Cake House, the stewed beefs are very delicious. These stewed beefs are well marinated and the meats have been cooked to become tender. The meat balls are moderate in size but taste just as good. The others important ingredients for beef noodle like the shin, stomach, and other internal organs are well prepared too. The soup taste mild and sweet. Here guests can order thier beef noodle in soup or “Kon Lou” which means noodle in black sauce. Guests can also substitute their noodle with vermicelli (be hoon) and flat rice noodle (kui teoy).

Mee & Cake House

Kon Lou Kui Teoy with Beef

Apart from Beef Noodle, Mee & Cake House’s beef noodle stall also serves Penang style Assam Laksa and stuffed tofu. The stuffing for the tofu is fish and chicken meat. Only about hundred of tofus are made daily, so one must come early in the morning to enjoy them, because the tofus will be sold out by late morning. The owner of this beef noodle stall is Madam Ng, whom are quiet friendly and she has been running this stall for the last 8 years at the same location.

Cooking Done In Stainless Steel Materials

Price Guide:
Beef Noodle “Kon Lou” – RM 6.50
Beef Noodle Soup – RM 6.00
Assam Laksa – RM 5.00
Stuffed Tofu – RM 1.20

Do note that Mee & Cake House also serves cakes, rice with dishes, and Kuching Laksa. Special occasion cakes for birthday, anniversary, and wedding can also be order at Mee & Cake House.

Business Hours:
8:00 am to 3:30 pm, Monday to Saturday
Closed on every Sunday & Public holidays

Many Types of Cakes at Mee & Cake House

Dishes For Budget Rice Meal

How to get there? Wisma Merderka, a shopping centre, can be reached by the Tun Fuad Stephen street, and it is situated next to Wisma Sabah, a popular venue for tourists because of many tour agents have their offices here. Mee & Cake House is located on the six floor of Wisma Merderka Phase 2. If one uses the lift just turn right immediately after stepping out from the lift, the beef noodle stall place at the front part of the shop. The big bridal shop called Memories Bridal Gallery is directly opposite to it.

Mee & Cake House
6th Floor, Wisma Merdeka Phase 2,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
tel: +6088 250 550

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