Kopi Ping Cafe

Set up a kopitaim or cafe with about twenty popular items that KK Lites love to eat, and have some very good local drinks to go with it. Does this formula work for a cafe? Look no further as Kopi Ping Cafe in Damai has just gone ahead with the above idea and in less than six months it has become a success story. It was opened in July 2010. Today the young and old generations find the place very appealing as the food/taste here some how do cater for everyone. Apart from the food, the interior decoration is also very pleasing to the eyes, which makes the customers relax in a chatty mood.

For a simple meal customers can choose from the many hawker-style offerings like Hainamese Chicken Rice, Curry Noodle, Sambal Meehoon and Fried Noodle. Specially single out here is the Prawn Noodle (Har Men) which is quiet good for local standard. During lunch and dinner hours popular local dishes such as Sweet & Sour Prawn, Ginger & Spring Onion Beef, Black Pepper Fish and Chicken Salad are available.

For supper or just a light meal, one can choose from the more tranditional kopitiam food like the Half Boiled Eggs, Kaya & Butter Toasted Bread, Roasted Chicken Wings and also the western style Waffle with Ice Cream. Every day from 2pm to 6pm, Happy Hour hot item is a set of white bread with kaya & butter plus one hot coffee or tea for RM 2.50 only. Note: the cafe does not serve pork.

The drinks at Kopi Ping Cafe are just as special. The very sought after drinks here are the Kopi Ping, Kopi O Ping, Soda Lime, and Lo Hon Koa. These bottle drinks are manufactured locally. They do not contain preservative so they must be sold out in a few days. The Red Bean Milk is also a must try item. Apart from these, any other local drinks and soft drinks are also available.

Price Guide:
Prawn Noodle ~ RM 6.50
Hainamese Chicken Rice ~ RM 6.50
Curry Chicken Rice ~ RM 5.00
Fried Noodle ~ RM 6.00
Sambal Meehoon with Curry Chicken ~ RM 5.00
Whattanho ~ RM 6.50
Kopi Ping Roasted Chicken Wing (2pcs) ~ RM 3.80

The shop interior is very neatly done. The centre of attention is the long bar on one side of the shop which is connected to the kitchen. Then two rows of tables and chairs fill up the room. The centre row has tables resemble the old kopitaim style with round wooden tables and the chairs that remind us of the classic wooden furniture of yesteryears. The place is lit up with hanging ceiling brown lights, which enhance the care free mood.

When the cafe is full of people, chatting volume inside can be compared to the sound of a Hong kong tea house. Non-smokers be aware as the cafe does not have designated area for smokers. So if you are a smoker then this is paradise. This cafe is a free Wifi zone. It is good to know that the manageress of the shop is also very friendly.

How to go there? Located at Damai Commercial Centre, it is about 3km away from Kota Kinabalu. When in Damai one can turn into the last row of the shop lots which is nearest to the Glory church. Kopi Ping Cafe is the fourth shop if counting start from the corner shop on the last row. It is just opposite the Vegas Bar & Grill.

Business Hours: 9 am to 12 am Daily

Kopi Ping Cafe
Block E, Ground Floor, Lot 37,
No 40-0, Damai Plaza 4,
Luyang, Kota Kinabalu.

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