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Located at the south-eastern corner of Kinabalu National Park, Poring Hot Spring is still within the boundary of Kinabalu park and it attracts thousand and thousand of tourists annually. While the Kinabalu Park Headquarters has cold temperate climate, Poring Hot Spring has a hot and humid climate that is covered by the dipterocarp forests. There are many interesting activities for the day trippers to do here. These activities include the popular canopy walk, or the more adventurous folks, they can go for jungle trekking to the breath-taking Langanan waterfall, which has a 100 foot drop. For nature lovers they can visit the Butterfly Farm and the Orchid Conservation Centre.

But the most important thing to do in the mind of most people while visiting Poring Hot Spring is of course to enjoy a hot bath with the steaming water coming out from the natural hot spring. Over the years the park management has slowly made this area to a small water world park. Visitors can enjoy the covered public bath area or the swimming pool, for free. For those who like more privacy they can choose the private bath houses. For a good swim one can try the bigger multi level pool near the cafe, this slide pool is loved by the children.

The Public Bath Area
Situated on a gentle hill slope and perched just 20 meters away from the big rock where the hot spring originated is where the public bath tub lies. There are about 20 individual bath tubs which can hold two adults each. These bath tubs are built with cement and have wall tiling. Each tub comes with two tabs one for cold water and the other one the steaming hot spring water. On average the tub will take 20 to 30 minutes to fill up. A rubber stop cork is placed at the bottom of the tub to drain the water away. All the tubs have covered roofs which serve as a good protection from the hot tropical sun and the monsoon rain. Apart from the small individual tubs, a big one located nearest to the top which is more like a small pool can easy accommodate up to 12 adults, where people in a group can soak in the hot water together.

Further down the hill slope and situated nearer to the public toilet and shower rooms, is a special tub for those who just want to get their feet wet. Two rows of seat which can sit about ten persons on each side allow visitors to enjoy a fun time soaking their feet with hot water from the natural hot spring. Many people claim that the sulphur enriched mineral water can help to rejuvenate the skin. All these facilities are free and they are on a first come first occupy basis.

The Private Bath Houses
For those visitors who need a bit more privacy, the private bath houses are built just beside the public bath tubs. All together there are about 11 of them, two are deluxe units and the other nine are standard units. The deluxe unit does come with some luxury where guests get to enjoy a jacuzzi bath tub, a living room plus a shower and toilet room. The jacuzzi has strong powerful jets that can fill up the bath tub in no time. The standard unit has two bath tubs that join together to form one. The standard unit also comes with an attached toilet and a shower room. There are charges for these private bath houses and they too are on a first come first served basis.

Price per hour per unit:
Deluxe : RM 20.00
Standard : RM 15.00

The Rock Pool
A small pool called the Rock Pool, as the name suggested, is completely made of rocks, and is located not far from the public bath area too. The pool is about six feet deep in water. The water here can be very cold if one just comes from the hot tub. But it is good fun for the body to feel extreme different temperature in such a short time. An even smaller pool for children, which is good for kids of three to five years old, is situated just beside the Rock Pool. The use of these two pools is free of charge. A public changing room for both males and females are provided for the visitors.

The Slide Pool
Located further down the hill slope and next to the Rainforest Cafe is the Slide Pool, the children’s favourite. The slide pool has a multi-level pool system. All together there are seven pools in total, starting from a small pool and gradually going down to the bigger ones. On the upper part of the pools, there lies a slide which is about six metres long, it can generate a lot of fun for the kids. On weekends and public holidays this place can be very crowded especially by locals, as this is the only swimming pool in Ranau. There is an entry fee for this.

Adult: RM 3
Senior and Student*: RM 1
Under six years old is free.
*Senior is 55 years old and above and Student is below 18 years old.

All these baths and pools create lots of fun for the visitors. Do remember to come early during public holidays if one wants to make sure of a place. Small huts with wooden tables and seats are placed around the forest near the bath areas. Why not, bring your family or friends out to enjoy the hot baths here and spend the morning or afternoon having a picnic at one of the small huts.  You can relax in the forest too.

Poring Hot Spring opens at 7 am to 6 pm daily.
Conservation fee:
Adults – RM 15 and
Students – RM 10.

MY card holders:
Adults – RM 3
Students – RM 1

*Students is for people below 18 years old

How to get there? From Kota Kinabalu travel to the small town of Ranau, some 130 km away. From Ranau, follow the Ranau – Sandakan road, and the junction to Poring Hot Spring is just 9 km away. From the junction one will have to travel for about 6 km before reaching Poring Hot Spring. Good road signs for direction are found along the way.

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