Paitan Kindergarten Project

The Paitan district is located at the northern most corner of Sandakan division, this area of Sabah is consider to be some of the most underdeveloped regions of the state. From Kota Kinabalu one would have to take a six hour drive to Paitan town, which consists of less than ten shops. The distance from Kota Kinabalu to Paitan town is about 250 km. From Paitan town many villages can only be reached by using four wheel-drive vehicles or riding small river boats up and down the river. Many of these villages would take about 1 hour to reach by boat and a few located at the far edge of the interior will take two hours. Almost all of these villages do not have access to grid, and rain water is collected for their daily water ration. Most of the people here are made up of an ethnic group call Orang Sungai. They rely extensively on farming or working in palm oil plantations for their general income.

Poring Water World

Located at the south-eastern corner of Kinabalu National Park, Poring Hot Spring is still within the boundary of Kinabalu park and it attracts thousand and thousand of tourists annually. While the Kinabalu Park Headquarters has cold temperate climate, Poring Hot Spring has a hot and humid climate that is covered by the dipterocarp forests. There are many interesting activities for the day trippers to do here. These activities include the popular canopy walk, or the more adventurous folks, they can go for jungle trekking to the breath-taking Langanan waterfall, which has a 100 foot drop. For nature lovers they can visit the Butterfly Farm and the Orchid Conservation Centre.

But the most important thing to do in the mind of most people while visiting Poring Hot Spring is of course to enjoy a hot bath with the steaming water coming out from the natural hot spring. Over the years the park management has slowly made this area to a small water world park. Visitors can enjoy the covered public bath area or the swimming pool, for free. For those who like more privacy they can choose the private bath houses. For a good swim one can try the bigger multi level pool near the cafe, this slide pool is loved by the children.

The Public Bath Area

Paradise Two

Paradise Two is one of the best site for snorkelling at Mabul Island. Dense corals concentration provide many living spaces for small fish. Many species of reef fish, including family like Angelfish, Butterflyfish, Anemonefish, and Damsel fish are found here. This is also a popular place to see turtles.