Lot 9 Bridge 7

A popular morning eatery at Sim Sim water village, Sandakan which served noodle, seafood and dumpling with prices that are friendly to the pocket.The locals from Sandakan have been coming to Sim Sim water village for breakfast for a few decades now. A few eateries are concentrated at the end of the bridges, number seven and eight. Many of these eateries are converted from residential houses on stilts, and most of them have wonderful sea views from their windows. The shop names for these eateries are simple too, they simply go by their house number. For example 'Lot 9 Bridge 7' which has been in operation for the last 30 years, is just one of these outlets.

The setting inside the house by and large resembles most kopitiam style, simple and basic. So what is their secret for keeping their clients coming back for more. The formula here is rather clear cut, a combination of the following will do the trick, freshly caught seafood, tasty meat balls, springy noodle, plus a very affordable pricing. These are the reasons why so many locals will recommend their friends to give this eatery a go.

'Lot 9 Bridge 7' is famous for its dumplings which come with a few variations. The crowds' favourite will have to be the Century Egg Dumpling, where the filling is made up of a special fermented egg mixed with minced meat. The seafood here is particularly tasty all because they are simply very fresh. Take the prawn for instance the taste here is sweet and the meat is very crunchy, so are the fish slice, cuttlefish, and scallop. Another speciality for this eatery is the springy noodle that they use. This noodle tastes ever so slightly different from the others and it is also very springy that is why it is called springy noodle. For a bowl of noodle with seafood, customers here will get a mixture of prawn, fish slice and scallop.

Sandakan is also very popular with its deep fried pork slice, and it is served here too. So if one orders just a bowl of noodle with the deep fried pork slice only, price can get as low as two Ringgint. Noodle can be ordered dry (kon-lou) or with soup. Like most Chinese hawker stores the noodle can also be substituted with kui teoy or vermicelli. For a comparison on eatery style between Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan, it is interesting to know that while most popular seafood eateries in Kota Kinabalu belong to the big restaurants, on the contrary in Sandakan most of these eateries are hawker style kopitiam outlets. But talk about freshness of seafood one would definitely have to give a big A plus to Sandakan outlets.

Price Guide:
A Bowl of Noodle with Seafood: RM 5.50
A Bowl of Mixed Pork Noodle: RM 3.00
Wantan Ho with Seafood: RM 7.00
Century Egg Dumpling (4 pieces): RM 3.00
Drinks Hot RM 1.20, Cold RM 1.70, Kopi (Local Coffee) RM 1.00

Business Hours: from 6:00 am to 12:00 noon, daily.

How to go there? From Sandakan town take the Buli Sim Sim road, after passing the big mosque, in another kilometre the Sim Sim water village will appear on the right hand side of the road. Search from bridge number 7 and walk until you reach the end, Lot 9 Bridge 7 is the first house on the left.

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