Kedai Makan Kan Kee

Just 3 km away from Sandakan town, and located at the fishermen village, lies this small eatery called Kedai Makan Kan Kee. This place is a must for anyone who loves hawker food. Kan Kee started business about ten years ago, and the number one specialty of this eatery is the fresh seafood that it provides. May be because it has good access to the many fishing boats that berth right in front of the shop. The prawn served here is not only big in size but the texture is very crunchy, because it is freash. The sliced fish tastes sweet and springy too which again can only mean very fresh indeed. Not only the seafood is fresh at Kan Kee, the price tag here is going to make every one smile. For example with just three ringgit one can have a bowl of dry noodle that comes with two pieces of big dumpling and a huge red prawn. Now who dares to say Sabah food is expensive.

A seafood soup for two consists of three big prawns, some scallop, cuttle fish and fish sliced costs ten ringgit only. This is what food lovers are hunting for. How about deep fried noodle with fresh seafood ingredients for only six ringgit. The dish here is simply cheap, cheap, very cheap. Other than seafood, Kan Kee also serves juicy deep fried pork, roasted pork and dumpling. If you like dim sum, you can order from a lady that runs a side stall there. Siew Mai for only two ringgit each.

Not only food is great at Kan Kee, the place also has a view of its own. From the shop one can also enjoy the sea and the many fishermen boats berth along the marina. And in the early morning one can also observe the fishermen activities. Kan Kee is located on a long balcony of a wooden house built on stilts. The house is also used as a residence.

With just ten tables Kan Kee is easily filled up, especially on Sundays and public holidays. One way to describe these wooden tables and chairs is that they look like those from school canteens. The kitchen and toilet are situated at the back. The toilet will be a surprise for KK Lites as it is clean and spot less, whereas eateries toilets in KK are mostly in poor condition.

Business Hours: 6:30 am to 2:00 pm.
Open all year round, except on the eve and first day of Chinese New Year.

How to go there? From Sandakan town take Jalan Leila travel south for about 2.5 km to the fishermen village and take the second bridge from Lorong Bandar Nam Tung 8 and walk to the end and you will see Kedai Makan Kan Kee.

Kedai Makan Kan Kee
Tanah Merah, Jambatan 2,
Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia.
tel: +6012 806 86 32

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