The Green Connection

Immerse yourself in rich eco-treasures, right in the heart of Kota Kinabalu.Aquarium and Science Discovery Centre
Entrance fee:
RM 25 (Adult)
RM 15 (Sabahan)
RM 7 (Child, 3 to 16 years old)
Opening Hours: 10 am to 6pm, Daily. Last entry: 4:30pm

Knowledge is power. Understanding our environment, how nature works, and exploring wildlife habitats are keys to preserving the wonderful world that we know. Hopefully with this knowledge we are able to preserve and pass down the great experience of nature to our future generations. Green Connection at Kota Kinabalu is just the place to learn, as well as to promote the awareness of the nature habitats and wildlife conservation. Visitors will also have a chance to feel and touch some of the marine life and reptiles.

Set upon a 2.2 acres of land, many special landscapes and geological features of Sabah are remodelled here. Some of these models include the Kinabatangan river ecology, rock formation resembling the Tip of Borneo, the cave system and the reef of Sipadan Island. Of course one must not miss the highlight of the visit, the super big coral reef tank with a huge glass wall, the largest in Borneo, which shows the uniqueness of Sabah’s aquatic biodiversity. All in all over 500 native species are on showcase and 100 engaging displays and exhibits. Green Connection is really like a giant science laboratory, equally so, for adults and children, where everyone will learn something new about the rich eco-treasures that we live in.

The eco-system at Green Connection is divided into five zones: namely cave zone, rainforest zone, river zone, coastal zone and ocean zone. The guided tour usually would start off with a visit to the limestone cave. Cave creatures like frogs, spiders and scorpions are on display. Next visitors will come across the Rainforest zone, where local herds, plants and trees can be observed. After the rainforest, the great Kinabatangan river ecosystem with it’s many fresh water fish swimming up and down a long tanks, about 25 feet in length. Stroll along, visitors will pass through the paddy field, mangrove area and a pond that inhabits many terrapins that are found naturally in Borneo. The brave ones might want to take some pictures with some of the friendly snakes tangled around their bodies Then be amazed at the cliff with a rock face that resembles those at the Tip of Borneo, and be amused by the busy otters. If you have questions, just ask the guide, you will be surprised at some of these answers.

At the coastal zone and ocean zone things get even better. A big model jetty like those found in Manukan or Sapi island is put on show. The jetty features many of the shallow water fish and corals. The ever present sergeant major is a resident here. Next a tank that displays the Pulau Tiga highly poisonous sea snakes, the Banded sea kraits, and yes, they can swim too. Visitors will be happy to try the Duck under Dome, where one gets a 360 degree view of corals and many small fishes including the ever popular crown fish, nick name Nemo by Disney. The coral nursery houses many types of corals ranging from the soft ones to the hard ones. Apart from these, the drop off and the oil rig are equally interesting models where one can observe what life at the ocean is about, especially true for those who never scuba dive before.

The best of the ocean exhibits is the huge coral tank which is filled with biorock (man-made coral reefs) and marine life. Here visitors will get a little taste of the awesome under water world of Sipadan island. It is fascinating to know that the biorocks are made from coral rubbles mixed with cement and popcorns. Permanent residents at the coral tank here include green turtle, catfish, rabbitfish, striped batfish, striped pufferfish, titan triggerfish, fan tail ray, leopard ray, tip reef shark, the rare and unique guitar shark, and many others.

Keep an eye on the feeding time at 11:30am and 4pm daily. Watch these fishes munching away their lunch with food brought in by the diver. Visitors can also don a dive suit with scuba gears and join in the fun, feeding the fishes in the coral tank for a fee. There are still more to explore.  At the touch pools visitors can touch some of the sea creatures with their hands. Sea creatures at the touch pool are the endanger horse shoe crab, bamboo shark, soft coral and starfish.

Continue with the adventurous tour at the Science Discovery Centre. The Science Dome and the Life Dome located at the two special domes at the roof top offer students a wealth of scientific knowledge. Plenty of fun here where students can learn from interaction through the five senses, touch, hear, visual, taste and smell. The maze garden near the entrance also has games and puzzles for students to solve. Green Connection has many special programmes and fares for students. So primary and secondary students get your teachers to write in and experience this not to be missed science project field trip.

How to get there? Green Connection is located at Badan Sukarelawan Complex , two and half miles off Tuaran road, about 10 minutes by car from the city. TUT bus or Likas bus will pass by the main road, after dropping off, one will need to walk about 1 km. Taxi from KK to The Green Connection is RM 15.

The Green Connection
Badan Sukarelawan Complex, 2.5 miles Tuaran road,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
tel: +6088 245 046
mobile: +016 83 82 905

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