Old Village Seafood Restaurant

For many years Sabah has been one of the leading exporters in Borneo for live seafood to China, especially to Hong Kong. Today visitors to Kota Kinabalu know that Seafood here is fresh, good quality and very affordable. In and around the city one can find many restaurants, from high end establishment to the budget ones, that are specialised in seafood cuisine. Seri Selera located at Kampung Air, is well documented by many travelling books on Kota Kinabalu, since this place has about eight restaurants, with four or five of them being seafood restaurants. Old Village Seafood Restaurant is one of them operating at Seri Selera. Price of seafood at Old Village is in the mid-range region. Seri Selera is also very accessible, it is within walking distance from most parts of the city.

Live fishes are the most popular selection here. Take a look at the cascading aquarium, check out the many live fish and marine creatures, and choose what you like. The chefs will then prepare them and cook them with the according cooking styles. Cooking fresh fish by steaming method is well liked by guests. This method helps guests savour the tasty texture of the fish fillet. Other popular dishes are butter prawn, deep fried soft shell crab, and lobster, steamed or cooked with butter. Clams, cuttlefish, sea cucumber and other sea creatures are also available at Old Village. If you wonder which is the best way to prepare the food, you can ask the captains for some opinions or advice. If you order many dishes, Old Village Seafood Restaurant might give you a dish of local fresh fruits for free.

Guests used to dine in open air at Seri Selera, when storm came this place can be a bit too wet. Today Seri Selera has a move able roof top, which can be easily closed up when rain comes. The tables at Old Town Village Seafood are covered with table cloth. Comfortable sitting chairs are used here. If one dines at Old Town Village from 7:30pm to 8:30pm, one can catch a free local traditional dance performance on the centre stage at Seri Selera. The famous bamboo dance called “Menuatip” from the Interior tribe can be seen here. Guests even get to join in on some of the performances for some good fun. Business hours are from 6:00 pm to 12:00 am

How to get there? Located on the southern side of Kota Kinabalu City, Seri Selera at Kampung Air is easily found. It is about 200 meters away from Center Point Shopping Centre, and only about 50 meters from the Cathy Cineplex. Old Village Seafood Restaurant is located at a corner shop at Seri Selera.

Old Village Seafood Restaurant
Lot 19, Ground Floor, Block C,
Sedco Complex, Kampung Air,
Kota Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia

Tel: +6088 268 262

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