Panataran Kinabalu Restaurant

Looking for a simple and affordable place to dine at Kinabalu Park? Look no more, Panataran Kinabalu Restaurant is the place to be, and it is located right at the entrance of Kinabalu Park. Name after the Panataran river which is situated on the north western side of Kinabalu Park, this restaurant is popular by Kinabalu park visitors, and passers by to Ranau and Poring Hot Spring. Even though it is called a restaurant, it really looks more like a kopitiam. The distance from Balsam cafe at Kinabalu Park to Panataran Kinabalu Restaurant is just 200 meters away, and a hill separated these two eateries.

The car park area just outside Panataran Kinabalu Restaurant went through a major renovation in 2009. Now as many as forty vehicles, including coaches and buses, can park here at any given time. The car park is always crowded in the early morning since the Sabah Park administration office is just above the hill. Many people will be gearing up to climb Mt. Kinabalu everyday and they must first register at the Sabah Park office. One can also have a simple breakfast a Panataran Kinabalu Restaurant before attempting to climb Malaysia’s highest mountain at 4,095 metres.

The main cooking style here is Asian and Chinese with some simple Western food. Major meat selection in the menu is beef and chicken, with only a small selection on fish and prawn. For Chinese dishes the popular ones found here are fried noodle dry or wet, lemon chicken, sweet & sour fish, and ginger beef. For Asian delights the menu includes Beef Rendang, Chicken Curry, Sambal Prawn, and Tom Yam. Western sets like French toast, salad, sandwich and Spanish omelette are available. If you don’t have any idea on what to order, you can always try out the Panataran special fried noodle or fried rice. Price per dish ranges from RM 5 to RM 8. This restaurant serves no pork. Hot coffee or tea cost only RM 1 per cup. Juice and soft drinks can also be ordered here.

This restaurant has an indoor section and an outdoor section on its covered balcony. Many people like the outdoor tables on the balcony because it has a good view of the surrounding areas. The air is also colder outside. A small sundry store for most daily necessity product is found inside the restaurant too. This sundry shop also stocks some climbing gears. Business hours are from 6:30 am to 8:00 pm. Panataran Kinabalu Restaurant is run by Koktas Sabah  (a corporate of the staff of Sabah Park).

If you stay at the chalets or lodges in Kinabalu Park, Mountain Resthouse, J Residence, Bayu Lodge and D’villa Lodge, all these accommodations are within walking distance to Panataran Kinabalu Restaurant.  All buses passing  Kinabalu Park will some time drop their passengers here too.

How to get here? Take the Kota Kinabalu-Ranau road, at about 92 km and immediately before the entrance to Kinabalu Park, on the right hand side of the road is Panataran Kinabalu Restaurant. For the independent travellers, there is a daily bus from Kota Kinabalu to Ranau for RM 15.00 leaving at 8:00 am near the Padang Bus Station, and it will pass by Kinabalu Park. Budget taxi which only leaves with full capacity of 4 passengers can be located here too.

Restoran Panataran Kinabalu
Kinabalu Park
tel / fax: +6088 889 117

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