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Just a decade ago these islands are almost unknown to most locals, let alone tourists. Its lack of commercialization really helps to keep it as a paradise island. Come to Mantanani island, also named as mermaid island, to experience a true island life where white sandy beaches, clear turquoise water, and beautiful corals reign. For now, Mari Mari Backpackers Lodge situated on the big Mantanani island is the only accommodation available for a good night stay.

Mari Mari Backpackers Lodge (MMBL), like the very popular Tune Hotel, is run with the no-frills hotel system, where guest is provided a bed, shower and the security of the room. For its opening promotion MMBL is charging only RM 50 per bed per night for the lodges until 2011. There are five lodges and five chalets at MMBL. These lodges and chalets are wooden structures with an atap roof, looking very traditional indeed. All lodges and chalets have seaside view as their main doors are tilted 45 degrees towards the sea.

Overnight Package:

Triple Room RM 50 per pax per night
Twin Room RM 75 per pax per night
Single supplement Room RM 100 per pax per night
Chalet (twin sharing) RM 200
Chalet (triple sharing) RM 75 per pax per night
Meals RM 15 per pax per meal

The lodges are of Indonesia origin with an open space at the lower section of the structure and a classy little staircase that leads to an enclosed upper room. A hammock and a set of chairs are provided on the lower section. The upper rooms consist of mattresses on the floor and a wall fan. Toilet and shower rooms are located just beside the lodges.

The chalets are very similar to the lodges, the only different is that the chalets come with theirs own attached bathroom. The shower has hot and cold water. Three of the chalets have queen bed setting, and two of chalets have double beds.

A big canteen with white sandy floor is located behind the MMBL compound. A volley ball pitch is located between the canteen and the beach. No jetty is built yet. So guests will have to come in from the sea the old fashion way, by jumping off the speed boat, when the speed boat runs aground on the beach.

The main activities offered by MMBL are guided snorkelling trip, scuba diving (including wreck dive), sunset cruise, and sea kayaking. Many dugongs (sea cows) used to feed on the shallow sea grass beds, but the local fish bombing activities have scared many of them away. Since then the bombing activities have scaled down. If by any chance, visitors might still get a special encounter with the dugongs during their snorkelling trips. For divers you won’t want to miss the chance of doing a wreck dive. These wrecks are Japanese warships that were sunk by the Allied torpedoes back in the second world war. Sixteen diving sites have been identified so far. ¬†This is enough to keep the divers busy for days.

Activities Package:

Guided Snorkelling Trip RM 60 per pax per two sessions
Hiring of snorkel, fin & Mask RM 30 per set
Diving (2 dives) RM 200 per pax per day
Wreck Dive (2 dives) RM 550 per pax per day
Sunrise Dive RM 150 per pax per day
Sunset Dive RM 150 per pax per day
Sea Kayak (single) RM 25 per pax per hour
Sea Kayak (double) RM 30 per pax per hour
Extra Hour for Sea Kayak RM 8

Activities that you can do on your own are swimming and sun bathing at the beach, discover the fishing village, and also bird watching. Do you know that Manatani island has an owl endemic to the island called Mantanani Scope Owl. If you have a group of friends, playing volley ball at the centre court is free of charge. One of the best things to do is just go to the white sandy beaches and enjoy the natural scenery, while letting the clear turquoise water enchant you.

How to get there? From Kota Kinabalu take an hour drive to Kuala Abai Jetty at Kota Belud. Then another hour of speed boat ride will get you to Mantanani island.

Transfer Service:

Land Transfer * RM 50 per pax per way
Boat Transfer** RM 50 per pax per way

*Land Transfer: from KK to Kuala Abai Jetty
**Boat Transfer: from Kuala Abai Jetty to Mantanani Island

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Mari Mari Backpackers Lodge on Mantanani Island is fully operated by Traverse Tours.

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