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What is WK? WK is the short form for Wong Kok, many KK Lites know that the Wong Kok Group is a big company in KK which specialises in building apartments. This company is also easily recognised with it’s crown on the W letter logo. With WK Restaurant, they are now also in the food business. WK Restaurant is the place to indulge and savour some mouth watering dim sum.

Breakfast with dim sum is one of the favourite passtimes for the Chinese. WK Restaurant breakfast starts as early as 7:30 am. Its menu offers some 35 different types of dim sum. Abalone dumpling, deep fried yam dumpling, fish balls, spicy chicken claw, steamed beef stomach, and steamed pork ribs are just some of the dim sum served here. These dim sum prices range from RM 4 to RM 7. WK restaurant is air-conditioned, which helps greatly when eating steamy food in tropical regions. Not only many KK Lites come here for breakfast and lunch, but also this place is popular with tour groups.

In WK Restaurant the dim sum are wheeled to the guests on a steamed cart. The steamed cart is filled with assorted dim sum, guests only need to choose the ones they want. Of course there are siew mai and har gau, without them a dim sum meal just isn’t complete, isn’t it? The siew mai and har gau are in generous portions. They come in four pieces in each set (bamboo loung).

The bamboo skin roll is one speciality of dim sum at WK Restaurant. Minced meat and prawn are rapped with bamboo skin, and it is steamed with herb sauce. Apart from the common lotus paste bun and BBQ char siew bun, one must try the WK steamed salted bun, which has steamy liquid orange caster fillings. A bit of careful handling is needed as the orange liquid caster inside the steamed salted bun can splash on one’s shirt easily.

For a more filling food, one can try out the fried radish cake with bean sprout, or choose from the two sets of rice flour roll: char siew or fresh prawns. The glutinous rice with black mushroom is also quite filling. Most dim sum are made from stuffing with meat, beef, fish and prawns. To enjoy some vegetables with your dim sum meal, WK Restaurant has prepared some vegetables as a side dish (RM 6 each). These vegetables include “Hong Kong Kai Lan”, “Choy Sam” and “Mak Choy”. One can enjoy different types of  Chinese Tea with just RM 4 a set.

At night, WK Restaurant serves mostly Chinese dishes, but with special request dim sum can be ordered too. Chinese set menus costing from RM 300 to RM 500 for a table of ten are also a popular choice at WK Restaurant. Buffet packages especially for special occasions can also be arranged.

The restaurant is also equipped with a big function-room which can hold 20 tables for two hundred persons on the first floor. The restaurant also helps to plan special occasions like wedding, baby shower party, birthday celebration, longevity dinner and company functions. Two small VIP rooms, one with a table of ten and the other with two tables of ten each are also available for special function. These rooms are ready with Karaoke set too.

How to go there? Located at The Bundusan commercial area in Penampang, WK Restaurant is fairly easy to find if one has their own transport. Just take the Penampang Road. On reaching the KDCA traffic light, turn left. Travel another 800 metres and turn left again, WK Restaurant is about 200 metres away. At night it is even easier to spot as it is one of the brightest lit restaurants in the area.

Business Hours:
7:30 am to 2:00 pm
6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

WK Restaurant
Lot 21, 22 & 23, WK Commercial Centre,
Bundusan Road,
Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia.

tel: +6088 719 988
fax: +6088 720 111
email: sinarwkd@streamyx.com

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