Kedai Kopi Kiong Kee

Kedai Kopi Kiong Kee is a typical Chinese kopitiam that you’ll find all over Sabah. It serves many traditional Chinese hawker foods. These dishes include the common noodle with soup, and the ever popular Sabahan favourite the Kon-Lau noodle (dry noodle). Besides these, Curry laksa, pan mee, yee mee, iwat mee, and porridge are also available at Kiong Kee Kopitiam. The pricing here is reasonable starting at RM 4, while the meat and noodle portions are very generous compared with other noodle shops.
On a special note, KK Lites would like to know that Tenom noodle from the famous noodle house of Foh Lee is also available here. Buns and cakes are also available especially in the morning. Every day except Sundays, starting from 9:30 am to lunch time, economic rice is served. Kiong Kee kopitiam cooks up some 14 different dishes daily. Price for the economic rice starts at RM 4.
Located along Gaya Street, the oldest section of Kota Kinabalu city, Kiong Kee Kopitiam lies right at the heart of everything, making it easily accessible by foot or by vehicles. Every Sunday morning Kiong Kee Kopitiam opens its door as early as 5:00 am, just to cater for those early birds who will soon be crowding the busy street for the weekly Gaya Street Sunday Market.

The curry laksa noodle (top picture) is good for those who like their curry hot and spicy. This curry laksa normally comes with egg roll meat and iwat (a specially processed fish paste). Price starts from RM 4 and with Iwat it is RM 6. Note: the curry laksa noodle here is different from the Kuhcing Laksa which is served at Yee Fung Kopitiam next door.

The Pan Mee is served with hot sweet soup. Mee means noodle in local Chinese dialect. Common ingredients like sayur manis (a local vegetable), small dry fish (ikan bilis), and meat balls come together with the hot soup. Price starts at RM 4.

The kon-lau noodle is made with tasty and nice sweet black sauce. This one comes with BBQ pork and roasted pork. Kiong Kee Kopitiam makes their own BBQ pork and roasted pork, verdict: near excellence.

The Tenom noodle at Kiong Kee is from the very popular Foh Lee Baru Restaurant in Tenom town, some 175 km away from Kota Kinabalu. Restaurant Foh Lee Baru has been in business since 1973. On public holidays and special occasions like Chinese New Year and Chinese Feast Days, Foh Lee Baru Restaurant is always packed to the limit. The Tenom noodle can be fried dry or wet depending on preference.

Yee Mee is made with a process where by fresh produced noodle is being deep fried until it becomes harden. When cooked again the Yee Mee will become crunchy and give out a nice fragrance. Here the Yee Mee is served with hot soup together with egg, BBQ pork (char siu), and meat balls. It can also be served with seafood as the customers desire.

From Monday to Saturday Kiong Kee cooks up some 14 different types of dishes for the economic rice. Dishes with meats like chicken, fish and pork and vegetable like broccoli, just to name a few, are prepared and displayed. On average three types of selection will cost you only RM 4. The serving of economic rice starts from 9:30 am last till about 1:30pm.

Drinks are fairly standard. Local drinks like kopi-o, teh-c, lemon tea and milo are all available in hot and iced cool style. There is a huge selection of soft drinks too, which includes the real thing, Coke.

How to get there? Kedai Kopi Kiong Kee is located on the first block of shoplots from the entrance of Gaya Street. It is next to Hong Leong Bank. This Koipitiam is with in walking distance from any part of KK city. Or one can always use a taxi to come here.

Business Hours: 6:00 am to 5:00 pm (Monday to Friday)
6:00 am to 3:00 pm (Saturday)
5:00 am to 2:00 pm (Sunday)

Kiong Kee Kopitiam will take a day off once a month (note: no specific day).

Kedai Kopi Kiong Kee
No. 121, Ground Floor, Gaya Street,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Tel: +60164 350 50 27
(Mathew Lo)

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