Bullfrog Kitchen Cafe

If you happen to pass by Dongonggon town or live around this area, it would be nice to pay a visit to this eatery called Bullfrog Kitchen Cafe. Started its operation in November 2009, Bullfrog Kitchen Cafe is relatively a new kid on the block, yet its decoration and atmosphere are one of the best in Donggongon town. Garden tables and garden chairs make the place look classy and relax. At night the lightings are just right not too bright, and the yellow ambience lights breathe life to the whole place. A small pool table at the corner of the cafe allows guests to have some fun. Free wifi is available too, great for surfing and updating your social networks. For the football fans this cafe is like a stadium, with TVs, including a big projector screen, on all of its walls, watching football matches here is a real treat. With the world cup looming near, soon this place will be a blast at night.

Bullfrog Kitchen Cafe has two sets of menus, one for the morning and a completely different menu for the night session. The morning to afternoon session serves mainly local delicacies. Local tasty dishes include a selection of Chinese, Kadazan and Malay style cooking. Fried rice, fried noodle, pork chop, beef rendang, nasi lemak, and of course not forgetting the Sabahan favourite Kon Lou Mee (dry noodle) are included in the morning menu.

When night falls Bullfrog Kitchen Cafe serves mainly Western food, which includes beef steak, grilled lamb chop, fish & chip, burger, pasta, and pizza. The specialty here is the grilled pork ribs and the grilled spare ribs, these are hard to find items, since most Western food cafes in Kota Kinabalu do not served pork. Side dishes consist of fried chicken wing, French fries, salad, and the popular Babi Lam (pork nuggets).

The beverages list is fairly standard. For cool quenchers you can try the fruit juices and soft drinks. For the real stuffs they have Tiger beer, Carslberg, Guniess stout and local hard drink “li-hing” ( Kadazandusun rice wine.) Prices are reasonable too.

Business hours:
8am to 4pm
5pm to 1am

Bullfrog Kitchen Cafe
Lot 28, ground floor, block D,
Donggongon Square.
Tel: 6088 733 811

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