Zen Garden Resort

zen garden resort

Located about 2km away from the main Kota Kinabalu-Ranau road, and built on a foothill that is surrounded by farmlands, Zen Garden Resort has the perfect setting for those who want to enjoy peace and tranquillity. A check from Wikipedia, the word zen simply means meditation. The quiet hillside and the mild climate of Zen Garden Resort really is a perfect place for those who seek a calm and noiseless space to practice meditation. For those who just want to get away from the busy and hectic life style of the city, this place is the ideal remedy. The gardens and ponds around the whole complex are well planned and planted with varieties of plants, flowers and trees. The night time temperature ranges from 20 to 16 degree Celsius.

the lodge (front)

Established some 15 years ago, Zen Garden Resort has grown from a tiny accommodation guest house with just 6 rooms and a chalet, to one of the largest resorts in Kundasang. Today it has a total of 6 chalets and 120 individual rooms. With a 300-plus seating conference hall and a 300-plus seating restaurant, Zen Garden Resort has the capacity to cater for various function and occasion. It also has an open-air coffee house for guests to enjoy an relaxing afternoon over the majestic view of Mount Kinabalu. Talk about pampering, it even has a small room that offers foot reflexology service.

Room rates start from RM 150 for two persons on standard room to RM 220 for two in a deluxe room which has TV and refrigerator. The chalet or lodge starts from RM 520 to RM 630. These lodges range from 3 to 4 bedrooms and all has a living room plus a kitchen. For more detail and information, you can visit Zen Garden Resort’s website.

building for individual rooms

From left to right:

  • Reception Office
  • The Lobby
  • The Foot Reflexology Room

the lodge (side view)

garden and flowers

the big restaurant

How to go there? Drive along the Kota Kinabalu-Ranau road for about 97km towards Kundasang town. Just before the town after coming down the hill, turn right to a junction between some small road side shops, Jalan Mohimboyon Kibas. Zen Garden Resort is just some 2 km away on the left hand side of the garvel road. One will not miss the big signboard at the entrance.

Near-by interesting places to visit are Mt. Kinabalu, Kundasang Town, Desa Cattle Farm, Kundasang War Memorial, Poring Hot Spring, Raffelsia flower area, Sabah Tea Garden, and Moroli River (Fish Therapy). For other accommodations at Kundasang, click here.

Resort (For Reservation & Enquiry)
KM2, Jalan Mohimboyon, Kundasang, Ranau
tel: +6088 889 242 / +6088 889 252
fax: +6088 889 251

KK Admin Office
tel: +6088 438 896
fax:+6088 426 059

email: info@zengardenresort.com
website: www.zengardenresort.com


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