Sutera Sanctuary Lodges 2010

Climbers who wish to climb Mt. Kinabalu, must secure a bed at any of the following resthouses: Laban Rata Resthouse, Gunting Lagadan Hut, Waras Hut, or Panar Laban Hut. Permit to climb Mt. Kinabalu will only be issued by Sabah Park when one has secured a bed on the day of climb. These places are heavily booked throughout the year, it is advicible to book six months ahead to avoid any disappointment.

Kinabalu Park also has lodges and hostels for those people who just want to enjoy the cool mountain air and peaceful environment. One can easily spend a day or two to explore the many trials around the park, and check out the fauna and flora of Kinabalu park.

Mesilau Nature Resort has an unique forest setting unlike any other, as the resort is literally built into the forest, with the minimum felling of trees. Tall trees can be seen right at the door step of the many lodges in Mesilau nature Resort.

Most climbers will come to Poring Hot Spring after conquering the Majestic Mt. Kinabalu. Soaking at the sulphur enriched hot spring of Poring is an ideal antidot for smoothing the aching legs of the many climbers. Hostels and Lodges are available for rental.

For the sun and beach lover one can plan to stay at the Manukan Island Resort. Manukan Island is only about 15 minutes by boat from Kota Kinabalu jetties. Manukan Island, with its crystal clear water and corals, is a great place for snorkelling and scuba diving and many species of tropical fish can be seen here. Or one can just laze away at the white sandy beaches of Manaukan Island.

*Starting from 2010 Sutera Sanctuary Lodges has a new published rate for all of its accommodation. The price increase only effects the international section. You can compare the price from the previous year, click here.

Below are the prices on packages and accommodation (Malaysian and International):

Laban Rata Resthouse

Accommodation Malaysian International
Room 1 (2 persons, 1 unit) RM 695 RM 920
Room 2 (2 persons, 1 unit)
RM 695 RM 920
Room 3 (6 persons, 1 unit) RM 2,080 RM 2,835
Laban Rata Resthouse (Heated Dormitory, 60 beds) RM 330 RM 435
Gunting Lagadan Hut (60 beds) RM 290 RM 385
Waras Hut (8 beds) RM 290 RM 385
Panar Laban Hut (8 beds) RM 290 RM 385

Note – Package arrangement is inclusive of:
Day 1 – Room at Laban Rata, Packed Lunch to be collected at Kinabalu Park, Dinner at Laban Rata.
Day 2 – Breakfast at Laban Rata, and Lunch at Kinabalu Park (Balsam Cafe)

Kinabalu Park

Type of Accommodation Malaysian International
Grace Hostel (40 beds) RM 100 / bed RM 145 / bed
Rock Hostel (40 beds) RM 100 / bed RM 145 / bed
Rock Twin Share (2 persons, 4 rooms) RM 310 /room RM 420 / room
Hill Lodge (2 persons, 10 rooms)
RM 365 / room RM 470 / room
Liwagu Suite (2 persons, 4 rooms) RM 435 / room RM 590 / room
The Peak Lodge (4 persons, 4 lodges)
RM 590 / lodge RM 795 / lodge
Nepenthes Lodge (4 persons, 8 lodge) RM 685 / lodge RM 915 / lodge

*Note: all rooms are inclusive of Breakfast.

Mesilau Nature Resort

Accommodations Malaysian International
Bishop’s Head Resthouse (64 beds) RM 100/ bed RM 145 / bed
Crocker Range Lodge (2 persons, 36 rooms)
RM 305 / room RM 380 / room
Witti Range Lodge (6 persons, 4 lodges) RM 825 / lodge RM 1,155 / lodge
Ugly Sister’s Peak (4 persons, 1 lodges)
RM 755 RM 1,075
St. John’s Peak Lodge (6 persons, 1 lodge) RM 925 RM 1,275
Low’s Peak Lodge (6 persons, 1 lodge)
RM 925 RM 1,275

*Note: all rooms are inclusive of Breakfast.

Poring Hot Springs

Accommodations Malaysian International
Camping Ground
RM 40/ person RM 50 / person
Serindit Hostel (20 beds) RM 100 / bed RM 145 / bed
Serindit Twin Share (2 persons, 7 rooms) RM 310 / room RM 420 / room
Jungle Lodge RM 590 RM 790
River Lodge (4 persons, 2 units) RM 755 RM 990

*Note: all rooms are inclusive of Breakfast.

Manukan Island Resort

Accommodation Malaysian International
Beach Side Villa – Single / Double Storey (10 lodges) RM 770 / lodge RM 1,095 / lodge
Hill Side Villas – Single / Double Storey (7 lodges) RM 966 / lodge RM 1,345 / lodge
Additional Person Per Night RM 140 RM 170

Package Arrangement is inclusive of:

  • Return boat transfer for 2 persons.
  • Park entrance fee for 2 persons.
  • Breakfast for 2 persons

Premier Lodges

Accommodation Published Rates
Kinabalu Park
Kinabalu Lodge (6 persons / lodge) RM 4,000
Garden Lodge (4 persons / lodge) RM 2,500
Summit Lodge (4 persons / lodge) RM 2,500
Mesilau Nature Lodge
King Edward Lodge (4 persons / lodge) RM 3,000
Donkey’s Ear Lodge (4 persons / lodge) RM 2,500
Poring Hot Spring
Palm Villa (6 persons / lodge) RM 4,000

*Note: Rates quoted above are inclusive of buffet breakfast.

Peak Season surcharge at RM 50.00 nett per lodge per night (Applicable to all destination)

  • 1st January, 2010 to 4th January, 2010
  • 12th February, 2010 to 18th February, 2010
  • 15th July, 2010 to 31st August, 2010
  • 30th September, 2010 to 7th October, 2010
  • 20th December, 2010 to 31st December, 2010

Sutera Sanctuary Lodges
(formerly known as Kinabalu Nature Resort)
Central Adminstrative Office,
Lot G15, Ground Floor, Wisma Sabah,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

tel: 6088 303 900
fax: 6088 259 552
email: / (for booking and reservation)

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