Little Cafe

With two main streets that sum up most of the the shop lots in Kudat town, one can imagine there are not many eateries in this area, which is very true. Hawker stalls and Kopitiams dominate the eateries scene in the Kudat town, these eateries have a typical look which is common along the west coast of Sabah. Like a rose among the thorns, Little Cafe located at the new Sedco shop lots stands out among all these eateries in term of atmosphere. Although small in size, it is well decorated, and has a cozy atmosphere that invites guests to come in. There are only seven tables in this small cafe, three in the inside and four are located on a shaded hut outdoor. The shaded hut also has an interesting design with a wooden structure, which gives it a nice unique look, different from the cheap looking common plastic canvas. Little Cafe serves the late morning and lunch time crowds since its business hours are from 10am to 3pm. It opens daily except on Sundays, and this small cafe is run by a friendly lady call Nor.

the shaded hut

The main specialty of Little Cafe is the Chicken Rice and it sells for RM 4 only. Here is a simple description on how the meal is prepared. Chicken meats are marinated before they are deep fried, once cooked the chicken meats are served with a special dark sauce on top. Apart from the chicken rice, one can select a number of home made cakes, like Tiramisu, Chocolate Cheese, and Cheese Cake, for dessert. A normal slice costs RM 3 each, and the small slice cake costs a mere RM 1 only. In a typical hot tropical midday weather in Kudat, it is always pleasant  to cool down the body with a fresh and cold fruit juice. Carrot, Green Apple, Lemon and Orange, are the main choice of fresh fruit juice at Little Cafe, and the fruit juice only cost RM 2.50 a glass. Normal Sabahan style hot drinks and soft drinks are available too.

chicken rice

home made cakes

juices and cheese cakes

nor, the little cafe owner

How to get here? Located at the new shop lot area of Tomborungus, and along the same street of Kudat town market, one can easily find Little Cafe with its unique special wooden shaded hut under a big Raintree. Or one can look for the Sungai Wang seafood restaurant, Little Cafe is just on the opposite side.

Little Cafe
No. 6, Block G,
Pekan Tomborungus,
Tel: 014 571 3378 (Nor)

the big beautiful raintree

Note: the shaded hut of Little Cafe is right under this big beautiful raintree. During its flower season, it looks even more stunning.

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