Lido Pan Mian

Factory produced noodle or Home made noodle? The question looms on. While majority of the noodle shops uses industrialised noodles, a small percentage of them sticks to the traditional method and produce their own home made noodle. Some of the advantages of the home made noddle are that there are no preservative used, and it tastes much more crunchy than the industrialised one. The disadvantage being it cannot be kept for long. Lido Pan Mian which is located at the Lintas Square is one of these noodle shops that uses home made noodle. Pan Mian is a kind of noodle that resembles fettuccine. Now another question surfaces, why would a noodle shop in Lintas named itself with a not so near by place called Lido. Interesting? Well the boss of Lido Pan Mian was originally from the Lido area, he has been selling Pan Mian at Lido for a period of 16 years, while renting a small stall. This kopitiam is a corner shop located right at the entrance to the Lido market. Today he runs his own kopitiam in Lintas Plaza, and since many of his customers refer his noodle as Lido Pan Main, so he has retained that name.

The “pan mian” can be ordered in three different forms here, you can have them in thin slice, or thicker slice (like the fettuccine), or the hand shredded triangle shape noodle. All of them taste the same only that they have a different look. Have them in soup or kon lou (dry noodle), and combine them with a selection of meats, like pork, meat balls, and seafood. The steamy pan mian soup comes with a green local vegetable (sayur manis) and small dry fish on all orders. Price starts from RM 5 and extra meat balls or seafood will cost RM 6. The hand shredded triangle pan main will cost just a bit more at RM 7. Business hours are from 7am to 2pm, and will have an off day on every Thursday.

From left to right:

  • Hand Shredded Triangle Shape Noodle
  • Pan Mian Soup
  • Thicker Sliced Pan Mian

thin sliced pan main with seafood

Fans of high quality Chinese Tea will love this kopitiam. As many people who enjoy this Chinese Tea culture know that hardly any kopitiams in Kota Kinabalu serve quality Chinese tea. These quality Chinese tea in as many as five types are served here. The boss also has good understanding of these teas as he himself is an avid tea consumer too. Some for these teas which have been fermented for years (20 to 30 years) can cost as much as RM 1000 or more per kilogram. These Chinese teas not only taste and smell good, they are reckoned to be good for health too. The green tea is believed to help and manage weight loss. These teas price start from RM 15 per head.

How to go there? Lintas plaza is about 3km away from Kota Kinabalu, from Kota Kinabalu city one can either take the Penampang road or Kolam road before turning into the Lintas road. Travellers from Penampang road will have to turn left and travellers from Kolam road will have to turn right at the junction to Lintas road. Lintas Plaza is just opposite the Luyang clinic. Lido Pan Mian is two rows behind May Bank.

Kedai Kopi Lido Pan Mian
Block G, Lot 50 DBKK No 3-0,
Ground Floor, Lintas Square, Jalan Lintas,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Tel: 6016 837 3707 / 6016 833 8239

outside covered eating area

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