English Tea House and Restaurant

The 2009 awarding restaurant in Borneo.

Travellers visit Sandakan for many reasons, on top of most people list is a visit to the Sepilok Orangutan rehabilitation Centre, while for the more adventurous one, spending days at the Kinabatangan river in search of wildlife is a must. Apart from these two destinations, Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary and the Turtle island (Selingan) are also getting a lot of attention. For the divers, to scuba dive at the open sea near Langkayan Island will surely classified as a perfect holiday. The above destinations are just some examples on what to do in Sandakan, the list of destinations can go on further. In the mist of all these adventure and sight seeing, one must not miss the chance to spend some time at this delightful and charming English Tea House, located on the western hill of Sandakan town. English Tea House and Restaurant is steep in a colonial grandeur of North Borneo. Perhaps a drink, a meal or a dinner at the English Tea House is the best way to enjoy this fine dinning experience in Sandakan, Borneo.

Agnes Keith House

An old house with a rich history at the western hill of Sandakan town.

After paying the entrance fee, and walk through a small hut that acts like a time travel portal, visitors are transported back in time to a period that resembles the British era of North Borneo from 1930 to 1950. Upon passing a small garden with its well kept lawn, a beautiful and charming British style colonial house appears and it is begging for the visitors to come in for an historical experience. This house,“Newlands”, was once occupied by the Great American writer, Agnes Keith. She even wrote her award winning book, Land Below the Wind which described her Borneo experiences, at this very house. Apart from Land Below the Wind, she also wrote two other books, namely Three Came Home, and White Man Returns. These three books help to promote Borneo and in particularly Sabah tremendously to the Western World. Restoration of the house was started in 2001 by Sabah Museum, and in 2004 the house was opened to the public. In honour of Agnes work the Malaysian government has named the house Agnes Keith House, a special tribute to this award winning American authoress.