White Man Chicken Rice

drumstick white man chicken rice

Situated on the northern part of the Kota Kinabalu district, Inanam is a major township that serves the surrounding small and medium size industries including the Kolombong industry area. Inanam kopitiams are popular places for workers and businessmen to have lunch and tea break. Currently the talk of the town is this new stall called White Man Chicken Rice. Yes, real white man serving us, KK Lites, chicken rice in original Hainan style.

The stall is run by a husband and wife team, Terry and Shirley. Terry came from New Zealand. He is easily recognised with his European feature and a sporty sunglasses. Shirley is a Sabahan, and she is normally the one taking down orders. They started their chicken rice stall just a few months ago, as time goes by and more people get to taste their Hainan style chicken rice, customers can be seen increasing all the time. (Note: White Man Chicken Rice has since moved to the shoplot at Taman Sinar Baru, Dah Yeh Villa, not far from the Sabah Medical Centre).

The Hainan style chicken rice is prepared in a steaming process. This method of cooking is much less oily compared with the roasted way, yet the chicken meat is tender and juicy. If one wishes to see how the chickens are prepared, one can come early to the shop and see how Terry prepares the chickens. The steamy rice here is also very tasty which is cooked with old Hainanese recipe. Upon serving the chicken is poured with 100% sesame oil. The white man chicken rice can be divided into three types, the normal chicken rice at RM 5, the thigh at RM 5.50 and the drumstick at RM 6. Most people who had eaten here gave a good rating. Business hours are from 9:30am to 4pm and they are off every alternative Tuesday.

fine cut thigh white man chicken rice

terry and shirley

How to go there? Look for the Pin Pin Kopitiam at the Taman Sinar Baru shoplots. Use the Damai link road, depending which side you come from, if you travel from Likas, Pin Pin Kopitiam is on the left hand side just after you pass Tshung Tsin Secondary School, and if you come from Damai Commercial Centre, Pin Pin Kopitiam is on your right hand side after passing the Sabah Medical Centre. White Man Chicken Rice is the first stall you see when entering Pin Pin Kopitiam.

White Man Chicken Rice
Kedai Kopi Pin Pin
Lot 4, Taman Sinar Baru Shoplots,
Dah Yeh Villa.
tel: 014 379 7318 (Shirley)

The new location near Dah Yeh Villa.

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